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                                      Lynn S. Beedle III when he played for the Trenton Titans last season (2005).




Lindy's graduation announcement from Norwich University!!!  Way to go Lindy!!! You have persevered through many difficult trials and tribulations and are to be congratulated.  Our very best wishes to you and Torie.  


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                                     From Torie and Lindy's 2003 Christmas Card


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                         Lindy and Torie at Family Reunion, Nags Head, N.C., June 2003




From Lynn Beedle on August 3rd, 2002.  A sports report on one of Lindy's recent hockey games, written by  Shawn, a friend of Lindy's, who works for a Philadelphia newspaper.  While the newspaper did not publish the story, Lynn felt it would be of interest for family members.  Indeed it is:


Mr. Beedle, here is the men's hockey league story I wrote one day while
watching Lindy...I think David and Johnny wanted to read it as well, but I
don't have their addresses. Enjoy!!!

Whitehall, PA -- Lindy Beedle scored a season-high four goals and Dave Regan
was brilliant in net, stopping 20-of-21 shots, as the Lehigh Valley Leafs
pounded the Lehigh Valley Jets, 6-1, at the Ice Arena.

Tony Trentalange recorded a pair of goals for the Leafs, who used timely
passing and solid penalty killing to earn the win.

John Doe, #31, highlighted the Jets' play by turning aside 29 of the 35
shots that went his way.

Beedle, a defenseman for the Norwich University Cadets, opened the scoring
1:09 into the first period. Beedle picked up the loose puck in the neutral
zone and slid a backhander through the goaltender's pads for the 1-0 lead.

Just six seconds later Beedle gave the Leafs a 2-0 cushion with a slapper
from the blue line. Beedle wound up and beat the netminder high to the glove

Beedle continued to light the lamp, recording a natural hat trick at 3:08 of
the opening period for a 3-0 advantage. Beedle coralled the puck in front
and wristed a shot into the twine for the score.

Trentalange scored his first goal with 6:07 remaining in the first stanza.
Trentalange jammed home the bouncing puck from the right side of the crease
to make it a 4-0 contest.

Regan made eight saves in the first, while Doe snared 6-of-7 shots.

The Jets cracked the scoring column 4:16 into the second period as #9
snapped the puck past Regan for the 4-1 margin.

Trentalange collected his second tally of the game with 5:40 to play in the
second period. Trentalange skated along the right boards and wristed a shot
from the right circle for the 5-1 edge.

The Jets' goalie made seven stops in the frame to Regan's five.

With 2:04 on the clock in the third period, Beedle netted a shorthanded goal
to account for the fianl scoring at 6-1. Beedle hustled in on net, dangled
the puck in front and lifted it over the goaltender's stick.

The 23-year-old Beedle, who overcame a recent stint with testicular cancer,
was the unanimous choice for Player of the Game by the writer.

Game Notes

A scuffle broke out behind the net at 10:48 of the third period, involving
Beedle, Regan and #5 of the Jets...Paully, #91 of the Leafs, was hit with
consecutive roughing calls in the second period...The Leafs were 1-of-4 on
the power play, while the Jets ended 0-of-1 with the extra skater...Regan
made nine saves in the third period, while Doe posted seven stops in the




From Lynn, on 2/13/2002:


I'd meant to put in the description about the five seniors on the
Norwich Team. It was on a sheet of paper that was placed on every seat
in the arena.

Here's what they said about Lindy:


"He has been a steady  four-year performer. Playing both defense and
forward, he is considered one of the fastest skaters at Norwich. He was
starting on defense this season and having his best season until he was
forced out of action by illness. He is one of the most admired and
respected players on the team. He is also known as a fierce competitor
with a great attitude.

"Personal:  Beedle is majoring in criminal justice. He is the son of
Lynn and Sandy Beedle. Beedle is in the Military Police company of the
Corps of Cadets. He got married this fall, and is a survivor of
testicular cancer."


I thought I would forward this message that Lynn sent to me about the
tremendous recognition Lindy got at his school. He went up for the last
home game of the season. Traditionally it is a time when they honor the
seniors on this team. When they came to Lindy .... well, here is Lynn's


Hello everybody!

This is a note about this past weekend.

Sandy Lindy, Torie, Holly, a friend of Holly's, and I made the trip to
Norwich University. The Blueline
Club, coaches and parents wanted to be sure Lindy and his parents were
Norwich because they were going to recognize the seniors -- and they
going to recognize Lindy as well.

It was an unbelievable trip. Everything that happened can be summed up
in this experience:

Kreitzberg Hockey Arena. About 4000 people . Its standing room only.
The final home game
of the season. Before the national anthem an announcer comes onto the
with a mike. A red carpet is rolled out to center ice. All the players
both teams are lined up across their respective goal lines. Lindy is in
equipment and uniform with his teammates.

5 seniors are introduced. As each one's name is called, the parents walk
out and greet their son as he skates up to center ice. The crowd

When they get to Lindy's name, the announcer explains his whole
experience . Everybody KNOWS this kid. The players, the crowd from town,
the student body ...everybody knows his
story. Its been in the paper. His Cadet Corp. company stand up in the
and take off their shirts: on each T-shirt is the number '19' (Lindy's
number). On both ends of the arena are banners that say "Welcome back
Lynn" and "Keep the faith, Beedle. MP forever".

Sandy, Torie, and I walk out to center ice. When they say his name, the
whole arena gives him an
ovation. I look around and they are all starting to stand up. The
are banging their sticks on the ice. Lindy skates over to us and hugs
his mom
and shakes my hand and hugs his wife. The clapping goes on and on.

We are standing there and Lindy looks over at me, as if to say.......
these are my
friends and these are my people.

It was incredible. There aren't words to describe how much this guy is
up there.



From Lynn Beedle on February 8, 2002:  A great article in "The Times Argus"

dated Manday, January 21, 2002, about Lindy Beedle.

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From Lynn Beedle on October 22, 2001:

Lindy and Torie¡¯s Wedding

Have you ever had the feeling "This was the best wedding ever?"  I know that¡¯s the way we always feel about our own, but Lindy and Torie¡¯s was one of those.  It was held in the chapel of Norwich University. Lindy is a senior. Torie graduated last year as a 2nd Lt. In the marines.

Chaplain Wick had a lot to do with the impact. He knows young people. He knew Torie when she was a freshman ¨C and Lindy for almost as long.

He acknowledged that it was our 55th anniversary and that it was Jack and Leslie¡¯s 17th. He commented on the boots they were wearing (nobody had noticed) and even had Torie lift her gown to show them. (They became engaged during a month-long hike on the Appalachian Trail

How could he do all that without being corny? We concluded it was because of skill, a natural sensitivity, and the fact that he¡¯s been a chaplain to cadets for 13 years.

He wove scripture into the whole service in such an effective way ¨C again reflecting his experience with young people.

More that a few times his service brought tears to your eyes. And even though it made her laugh through her tears, Torie was shedding a few as she repeated her vows.

We sat in the 2nd row with Fred and Barbara Kreitzberg. 

Who¡¯s Fred? I first met him at an ENR dinner in New York about 10 years ago. He¡¯s CEO of a big construction management firm, O¡¯Brien Kreitzberg, an organization that is a member of CTBUH. (They started in New Jersey, moved the head office to San Francisco, and Fred and Barbara live in Ross.)

More significant is that he¡¯s a graduate of Norwich, chairman of their board (in his 8th year), donor of their library and hockey rink, endowed our Council books as a library collection, and is one great guy. 

Months ago I was telling him we¡¯d be in Norwich for Lindy¡¯s wedding. He said, "We have a board meeting that day. I¡¯ll start it, skip out, and, if it¡¯s OK with Lindy and Torie, I¡¯ll come to that wedding." And that¡¯s what he did, starting the board meeting at 2:00 and leaving at 2:30.  We were all so honored.

Would you think a bed-and-breakfast would be the place for a big reception? Well, the Autumn Harvest Inn used to be a big dairy farm. That means lots of land. So up goes a huge tent ¨C and in go hundreds of celebrants. It was so convenient o have all the activity right there where we were staying.

Happy are the bride and groom.  (And happy are the parents who of necessity had to do all of the arranging "on remote.")