[AlHx] History of Albany-De Jongh

     [DPHG] Historical and Genealogical Record-Roosa

     [DJAF] De Jongh and Allied Families

     [EASc] DeJongh: copied from New York Genealogical and Biographical Record

          vol 31

     [GB00] NYGBR: The Roosa Family of Ulster and Dutchess Counties, NY

     [GB27] NYGBR: Roosa Family Notes

     [GB38] NYGBR: Aldert Heymansen Roosa and the identity of his wife

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     [RFGC] Roosa Family Genealogical Collection 1861-1975

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     28752 Adrien   1500

     14376 Adrien   1530                          Holland

     7188 Meerten A 1560                          Holland

     3594 Adrian M  1600      Maria               Holland

     1797 Wyntie A  1623 1679 Albert H Roosa      Holland;NY-Ulster


NAME: [GB39] Although sometimes spelled de Jong or D'Jong, it is almost always

          spelled De Jongh in judicial archives and as signatures.  This is true in

          extracted documents from old family wills preserved in Gorinchem, a few

          miles from Herwijnen, where the family name was almost invariably spelled

          De  Jongh.  The name Adrian is also found in practically all branches of the

          family, and records in Gorinchem reveal "Adrian De Jonghs" earlier even

          than Herwijnen.


HX: [GB39] I have tried in vain to trace the origin of this De Jongh family

          back to the De Jonghs of Ghent and Bruges, where the arms were

          registered as early as 1280, one of the patrician families in Flanders.  It is

          my belief,  however, that we do spring from that origin, where the letter

          "h" in our name had its origin.  The families of the name of Holland origin

           rarely used the letter "h".  In Herwijnen, and elsewhere, these De Jonghs

           generally held official positions where they resided.



28752-Adrien [LDSC]/Adrian [GB39, EASc] De JONGH/DeJONGH [EASc]

     b. ca. [GB39] 1500 [EASc]/ca. 1506 [LDSC]


     ch.  m *Adrien


NOTE 28752-Adrien De Jongh

     [GB39] On 11 January 1631 Adriaen Evertsen GROOT, heir of Jan Adriensen

     GROOT, conveyed land in Herwijnen to Adrian Adriensen Joriszoon De

    JONGH-Adrian, son of 28572-Adrien, son of 57488-Joris, son of 114976-Adrian De

    JONGH, which again throws the De JONGH ancestry of that locality back to

    Adrian De JONGH born not later than 1500.

          On 26 April 1632 Joris Adriensen De JONGH made a conveyance of land in

          Herwijnen, and gave as security for the contract his interest in the estate

          of his grandfather, Joris Ariensen De JONGH; this document proves that the

          conveyor above was, as early as 1632, in Herwijnen, had a great

          grandfather Adrian De JONGH, who must have been born about 1500 or

          earlier, and who was  probably the great great grandfather of Wilhelmina

          Ariens De JONGH


14376-Adrien [LDSC]/Adrian [GB39, EASc] De JONGH/DeJONGH [EASc]

     Son of 28744-Adrien De JONGH

     b. ca. [LDSC, GB39] 1530 [EASc]


     ch.  m *Meerten Adriense



7188-Meerten [LDSC]/Mierten [EASC] Adriense [LDSC]/Adrians [GB39]/Adriance

          [EASc] De JONGH/DeJONGH [EASc] {name based on son's name}

          Son of 14372-Adrien de JONGH

     b. 1560 [LDSC, EASc]/ca. 1560-1570 [GB39]/1570 [LDSC] in Herwijnen,

          Gelderland, Holland [LDSC]


     ch.  m *Adrian Meertomen


NOTE 7188-Meerten Adriense

     [GB39] On 20 March 1637 Jan Corneliuse van Munster conveyed land in

          Hellouw to Meerten Arien's De JONGH, from which we may infer that

          Meerten De JONGH, of an earlier period in that locality, was the father of

          Arien  Meertensen De JONGH, the father of Wilhelmina De JONGH


3594-Adrian Meertomen [LDSC]/Meertowen [LDSC] Meertensen [GB39]/Miertensen

          [EASc] De JONGH/DeJONGH [EASc]

     Son of 7186-Meerten Adriense de JONGH

     b. ca. 1597 [LDSC]/ca. [LDSC, GB39] 1600 [EASc]/est. 1609 [LDSC] in

          Herwynen, Gelderland, Holland [LDSC]

     m. Maria

          b. est 1600 [LDSC]

     d. bef. 28 February 1660 [GB39]


     ch.  f *Wyntie Arens

          m  Arien Ariensen De JONGH [GB39]


NOTE 3594-Adrian Meertomen

     [GB39] On 3 March 1660 Alert Hymensen ROOSA, living in Herwijnen, conveyed  

             in Hellouw in the seventeenth century half of a tract of land as yet

             undivided between the heirs of Govert Ariensen De

            JONGH, in Hellouw (a mile or so from Herwijnen), and again he pledged

            his interest in the estate of the late Arien Meertensen De JONGH as

            security for the fulfillment of the contract; it is further proof that the wife

           of Alert or Aldert Hymensen ROOSA was the daughter of Arien Meertensen

           De JONGH; the De JONGH family owned large fowler preserves



NOTE 3594/3595-2 Arien Ariensen De Jongh

     [GB39] on 29 June 1664 conveyed land in Herwijen to Peter Jans BEUSCHEM,

          by virtue of power of attorney given him by Alert Hymensen ROOSA

          {1796-Aldert Heymans Roosa} on 28 February 1660 and the security given to

          bind the transaction was Alert Hymensen's interest in the estate of the late

          Arien Meertensen De JONGH {3594-Adrien} to assure the buyer that any taxes

          on the same back as far as 1626 would be paid; 3594-Adrien was the owner

          of land as early as 1626 [GB41] Martin Adriaen de JONGH, son of Adriaen de

         JONGH and Josanna TROS, bap. 19 May 1707 in Zalt Bommel, Netherlands (in

         the immediate neighborhood of Herwynen)-this is branch of same family as

         Wyntje Ariens de JONGH; Coat of arms (no crest) showing a saltire between

         4 marlets (pictured in article), probably used by Adriaen de JONGH in his

         capacity of a schepen and might conceivably been used by the brother of 

         Wyntje of that name who was a schepen and burgomaster of Herwynen.


     [GB39] A grandson of Adrian Meertensen De JONGH, the father of Wilhelmina

          De JONGH, namely Dominus (Reverend) Martinus Adrianuse De JONGH, born

          in 1704, became a very noted Dutch Reformed minister and was the

          minister of the Dutch church in London for many yaers, and a son, a

          grandson and a great grandson were all great preachers in their day


1797-Wilhelmina [GB39, EASc] (Wijntje [GB39])/Wyntie [LDSC]/Wyantie [LDSC]/

          Wyntje [DPHG]/Weyntjen [UCBR]/Wyntjen [KMBR] Arens [LDSC]/Ariense

          [LDSC, DPHG]/Ariens [UCBR, KMBR, GB39, EASc] De JONG [LDSC]/De JONGH

          [GB39, EASc]

     Dau. of 3594-Adrian Meertomen and Maria De JONGH

     b. 1623 [LDSC]/ca. [GB39] 1630 [EASc] in Netherlands [LDSC]

     m1. 1796-Albert Heymans ROOSA-See ROOSA (below)

          son of 3592-Heyman ROOSA

     m2. aft. 27 February 1678-79 {date of death of m1.} Roelof CHIERSTIDE


     d. aft. 27 February [GB39] 1678-79 [LDSC] in Hurley, Ulster Co, NY

          [LDSC], bur. in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC]


     ch.  Jannetje-See 1796-Albert Heymans ROOSA




     [AlHx] III: 86 Key to Names of Early Albany Records:

          Pieter Cornelise De JONGH 1659









     3592 Heyman         1593                     Holland

     1796 Albert H  1610 1679 Wyntie de Jong      Holland;NY-Ulster

     898  Arien H        1643 1700 Maria Pels     Holland;NY-Ulster

     449  Jannetje       1670 1731 Jan Van Eaton  NY-Ulster



     [GB41] Family fled on account of religeous persecution from the town of

          Roosa in Spain-this pedigree originated at a time when the majority of the

          Dutch families preferred a descent from foreign lands rather than

          acknowledge their less illustrious hard-working Dutch forebears who by 

          their  industry had made their more opulent descendents 

          ancestor-conscious, and thus this must be questioned, and rather family

          possibly was originally named de Roos, which had lived for many

          generations at Herwynen

     [NYSo] Roosa: This is a very old Dutch family, early identified with the

          history of Southern New York, and still has numerous representatives

          scattered all over the region.  It appears very early in the settlement of

          Kingston, and Ulster County owes much of its development and progress to

          the industry, intelligence and enterprise of this family.

     [UCBR] Ancestry traced back to Gelderland, a province in Holland




3592-Heyman ROOSA ([NYSo] name is Heyman, surnames unknown among Dutch


     b. ca. 1593 in Gelderland, Netherlands [LDSC]


     ch.  m *Albert Heymans

          m  Aeldert, m. Metje Gysbrechtsdr. de ROOS [GB41] (ch. Lysbeth, m.

               Jacob GROENE [GB41]; Maria, m. 1630 [GB41] in Deyl. [GB41] Govert

               Hendricks van HOLTEN, bur. 23 July 1681 [GB41] Deyl. [GB41]; Geurt

               Aeldertsz, m. 3 June 1638 [GB41] Engeltien de JONGH)


NOTE 3592-Heyman

     [GB41] may have been a brother of Aeldert ROOSA-Aeldert (Christian name)

          ROOSA lived in Herwynen in the first half of the seventeenth century; son

          Guert married in 1638 Engeltie Ariens de JONGH, the daughter of

          Burgonmaster Arien de JONGH; Engeltie was the sister of Wyntie Ariens de

          JONGH who m. 1796-Aeldert Heymans ROOSA



1796-Albert [UCPR, OU12, NYSo, UCBR, EASc]/Aldert [DPHG, OU12]/Aeldert

       [GB41]/  Aleardt [OU12]/Aldert [VEAL] Heymans [GB41, 

        EASc]/Heynons/Heymanse [OU12,VEAL]/ Hyamanie/Heyanse/Hymanse

        [DPHG]/Heyman [NYSo]/Heymansse [UCBR] ROOSA

     Son of 3592-Heyman ROOSA

     b. 1610 [LDSC]/1621 [DPHG, GB41] in Holland [LDSC], chr. in Herwynen,

          Gelderland, Holland [LDSC]

     m. 1642 in Holland [LDSC] 1797-Wilhelmina Ariens De JONGH or widow-see DE

          JONGH or Wyntje [VEAL] Allard [VEAL]/Ariens [VEAL]

          dau. of 3594-Adrian Meertowen and Maria De JONGH

     d. 27 February [LDSC, GB39, NYSo, UCBR, EASc, VEAL] 1679 [DPHG] in Hurley,

          [EASc, VEAL] Ulster Co, NY [LDSC, GB39, NYSo]


     ch.  m  Hyman [UCPR]/Heyman [LDSC, UCPR, OU12, NYSo, EASc]/Heiman

               [UCBR]  Aldertse [LDSC, UCBR]/Alderse [UCPR] (oldest child [UCBR]), b.

               1643 [UCBR, UCPR, OU12, VEAL]/ca. 1652 [LDSC] in Gelderland, Holland

               [LDSC], chr. 29 August 1694 (??) in Holland [LDSC], m. 1677 [LDSC]/1678  

               [LDSC] in ? Kingston NY [LDSC] Anna [LDSC, UCBR]/Ann [UCPR] Margaret

               [LDSC, EASc]/Margriet [UCBR, UCPR]/Maritje [OU12, VEAL] ROOSEVELT

               [LDSC, UCBR, UCPR, OU12]/ROSEVELT [EASc], will dated 8 September

               1708 [LDSC] or 23 August 1708 [UCPR] names 3 sons (Allert; Nicolas;

               Gysbert) and 4 daughters (Jannetie, m. Philip HOOGHTYLING; Wyntie,

               m. Willem CROM; Ragel; Lea)

               (ch. Aldert [UCBR, UCPR]/Aldger [UCBR], b. in Hurley [UCPR], bap. 2

               [UCPR] March [UCBR] 1679, m. Aegje KROM of Hurley [UCBR] {14 ch.

               [UCBR]-see [UCBR] for details} or m. 21 June 1696 [UCPR] Petronella VAN

               ETTEN; Claas {Nicholaes [UCPR]}, bap. 27 [UCPR] April [UCBR] 1684, m.

               18 December 1720 [UCPR] Zara RUTSZ; Gysbert, bap. 17 [UCPR] October

               [UCBR] 1686; Neeltjie [UCBR]/Neeltje [UCPR], bap. 13 [UCPR] October

               [UCBR] 1689; Rachel, bap. 19 [UCPR] April [UCBR] 1696, m. 9 December

               1715 [UCPR] Johannes TEN BROECK; Jannetie, m. 30 November 1702

               [UCPR] Philip HOOGTEELING; Wyntje, m. 12 November 1699 [UCPR]

               Willem CROM; Lea, bap. September 1698 [UCBR])

          m *Arien H

          m  Jan [LDSC, UCPR, NYSo] Aldertse [DPHG]/Albertse [NYSo] or Johan

               [LDSC] ([NYSo] third son after Arie and Heyman), b. 1646 [LDSC]/1651

               [DPHG, UCPR, OU12, VEAL]/1660 [LDSC] in Herwijenen, Gelderland,

               Holland [LDSC], m. in Kingston NY [LDSC] Helligan [LDSC]/Hillegand

               [LDSC]/Hillegard [DPHG]/Hillegondt [UCPR]//Hillegond [NYSo,

               OU12, VEAL]/Helligoud [EASc] Willems [LDSC, UCPR, NYSo]/Williams

               [LDSC, EASc]/Willemse [DPHG]/Williamse [OU12, VEAL] VAN BUREN

               [LDSC, DHPG, OU12, NYSo, VEAL] ([NYSo] family came from Holland, also

               known as Williams), d. in Hurley, Ulster Co NY [LDSC] (ch. Aldert Janse,

               b. 1692 [DPHG], m. Rebecca SCHEPMOES [DPHG]-see [NYSo-p 204,

               DPHG-p 415] for details) ([NYSo] resided in Hurley NY; town officer 19

               October 1708)

          f  Elke [LDSC]/Eike [UCBR]/Ilka [LDSC, UCPR]/Ikee [OU12, NYSo, EASc,

              VEAL]/Aaghe OU12, VEAL], b. 1651 [LDSC] in Herwijnen, Holland [LDSC],

               m. 1670-1674 [LDSC]/1673 [LDSC] in Kingston NY[LDSC] Dr. [OU12]

               Roeloff [LDSC, EASc]/Roeliffe UCBR]/Roelof [UCPR, OU12, VEAL]


               VEAL]/KIERSTED [OU12], d. 1684 [LDSC]/1685 [LDSC] in Hurley, Ulster

               Co, NY [LDSC]

          f  Mardje [LDSC]/Mary [UCBR, UCPR]/Maritje [OU12, NYSo, EASc, VEAL]

               (Mary [EASc]), b. 1652-1659 [LDSC] in Gelderland, Holland [LDSC], chr.

               1654 [LDSC], m. 1672 [LDSC]/ca. 1674 [LDSC]/16 November 1679 [LDSC]

                in New Hurley, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC] Lauren [LDSC]/Laurens [UCBR,

                UCPR, OU12, VEAL]/? [EASc] JANSEN (LOW [LDSC, UCPR, EASc, VEAL]),

                d. in New York [LDSC]

          f  Neeltje [LDSC, OU12, VEAL]/Neeltjen [UCBR]/Neeltie [UCPR]/Neeltien

               [NYSo]/Meltje [EASc]/Meltien [EASc], b. 1653 [LDSC] in Gelderland,

               Holland [LDSC], m. ? [LDSC]) or aft. [UCPR, OU12] 3 November 1676

               Hendrick [LDSC, UCBR, OU12, VEAL]/Henry [LDSC, UCPR]/Hendric [EASc]


               OU12, VEAL]/PAULDIN [EASc], d. 27 October 1745 in Rhinebeck, Dutchess

               Co, NY [LDSC]

          f  Wyntjen [EASc], m. Nicholas DEPUY [EASc] (probably wrong-see next


          f  Jannetje [LDSC, UCBR, OU12, VEAL]/Jannitje [NYSo]/Jannetjen [EASc]

             (Jane[EASc], b. 1656 [LDSC]/ca. 1662 [LDSC] in Gelderland, Holland

             [LDSC], m. 16 November 1679 [LDSC, UCPR, OU12, EASc, VEAL] in

             Kingston [LDSC] or Hurley [UCPR, OU12, VEAL] NY Mattys [LDSC, OU12,

             VEAL]/Matys [UCBR, EASc] TEN EYCK [LDSC, OU12, EASc, VEAL]/EYCKE

             [UCBR, UCPR] of New York [UCPR], d. 23 June 1726 [LDSC] in Hurley,

             Ulster Co, NY [LDSC]

          m  Aert [LDSC, OU12, NYSo, EASc, VEAL]/Aldert [UCBR] (Arthur [EASc]), b.

               ca. [LDSC] 1658 [LDSC] in Gelderland, Holland [LDSC], chr. 1658 [LDSC],

               m1. 21 June 1696 [LDSC] Petrmella VAN ETTEN, m2. Wyntie Aundream

               D'ONG [LDSC]

          ?m  Gysbert [UCBR]

          f  Geertje Janss, m. Jan CRUPEL [UCBR]

          f  Annetje/Annatje [NYSo, OU12, EASc]/Annatje [VEAL] (Hannah or Anna

             [EASc]), b. ca. 1662 [LDSC] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC] or in New

              Netherlands [OU12]

          f [LDSC, KMBR] or m [UCBR] Guert [OU12, UCBR, NYSo, KBMR, EASc], b.

               ca. 1660 [LDSC] in Gelderland, Netherlands [LDSC] or 15 June 1664

               [LDSC] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC] or in New Netherlands [OU12],

               bap. 15 June 1663 [UCPR]/1664 [LDSC, KBMR] in Old Dutch Church

               [KBMR], Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC], d. 15 [LDSC, EASc] June [UCBR]

               1664 in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC] or d. young [LDSC] ([UCBR] d. just

               before baptism, all arrangements were made for that ordinance, Mrs.

               Blom, the minister's wife, being a witness, but the child drew its last

               breath before the arrival of Rev. Blom) ([UCPR] this son d. aft.

               baptism) ([KBMR] "hic filius obiit ante baptismum"-this son died before


          [UCBR] 10 children



NOTE 1796-Albert

     [UCBR] First of family to come to America; farmer; came with wife and

          eight children, ages 2 to 17, from Herwijnen, Gelderland, Holland on the

          good ship "Bunta Koe" (Spotted Cow); family settled in Esopus township,

          Ulster County which then embraced Kingston and Hurley; at his death left a

          good estate to heirs; appointed as one of schepens of Wiltwyck in August

          1664; elder in old Dutch Church of Kingston; large man who posessed great

          energy and magnetic power, made himself felt and heard in councils of the

          leading men of the community

     [NYSo] Arrived in New Netherlands in April 1660 in the ship "Spotted Cow",

coming from Gelderland, Holland accompanied by wifa and 8 children; settled in that part of Esopus which is now the town of Hurley and there engaged in farming; participated in the first administration of the Lord's Supper at Esopus 25 December 1660; being possessed of considerable means he owned much property and exercised a large influence in the community; in spring of 1661 his name was entered on a contract to secure the salary of Dominie Bloom at Wiltwyck, now Kingston; on the organization of the village of Hurley he was one of the first three schepens, or magistrates, who administered the affairs of the community; in 1661 he was one of a committee of three to enclose the village of Hurley as a means of protection against the Indians; he owned lot # 24 where his home was destroyed by Indians 7 June 1663 at which time two of his children were carried away captive; he was one of those who resented the unjust treatment accorded to the people of the village by the British soldiers then quartered there in 1667 and because of his vigorous resistance he was adjudged guilty of sedition by the Court in New York and was banished from the colony; he was restored to favor in 1669 by Governor Lovelace who appointed him one of the overseers of New Dorp (Hurley); in the same year he was granted the privilege of setting up tanning vats and a brewing house; he was one of the petitioners for the appointment of a minister who could speak both Dutch and English; served as a mustering officer; on 5 April 1670 was a sargent in Captain Henry Pauling's Company of militia and in 1673 was a captain of a company composed of men from Hurley and Marbletown; in 1685 his widow was granted 320 acres of land on account of his public service

     [VINC] Albert (Aldert) Hymanie (1621-1679) from Herwynen, Gelderland,

          Holland in the "Spotted Cow" to New Netherlands 1660.  Settled in Hurley,

          Ulster Co, NY.  One of first schepens, overseer 1669.  Sgt mil Co 1670, Capt

          1673.  m. Wyntie Ariense as widow, rec'd a grant of 320 acres in recognition

          of husband's public service.

     [UCBR] Biography of Hyman Roosa, M.D.S.

          Albert Heymansse, farmer, with wife Weyntjen Ariens came from

          Herwijnen, Gelderland, Holland with their eight children, ages two to

          seventeen, in the "Bunta Koe" ("Spotted Cow"); settled in Esopus township,

          Ulster County, which then embraced Kingston and Hurley; died 27 February

          1679; appointed one of the three Schepens by Governor Stuyvesant, who

           gave the name to Wiltwyck; elder of old Dutch Church of Kingston; large

           man posessed of great energy and magnetic power which made him both

           heard and felt in the councils of leading men of the community; ten


     [EASc] Came to America in 1660 with his parents

     [KiHx] p 485 Albert Heymans, from Gelderland, is registered as having sailed in

April 1660 in the ship the Spotted Cow with his wife Wyntje Ariens and eight children; settled in Esopus, assumed the name Roosa and became the ancestors of the Roosa families in the vicinity

          p 27 Evert Pels, Cornelis Barentse Slecht and Elbert Hymans Roose were by

          charter designated as the first board of schepens

     [GB41] Aeldert Heymans Roosa, b. 1621, from Herwynen, arrived 1660

          with wife Wyntje Ariens de Jongh;

     [DPHG] original emigrant Aldert Hymanse came with wife Wyntje Ariense and

six  children in 1660 from Gelderland, Holland in the "Spotted Cow" and settled at Hurley, Ulster County, NY; built a residence that stood until 1885 where some of their descendents still reside

     [FILB] Arrived New Netherlands 1620-1664     Ref  9135 page 10


NOTE 1796-Albert (continued)

     [OU12] from Harwyen, also spelled Herweyen, in Gelderland, Holland on

          Waal River, five miles from Bommel.  Or it may be the present Heywennen,

          a short  distence east of Bommel in Gelderland or the present Herwen in

          Gelderland twelve miles southwest of Arnhem; with him came his wife

          Wyntje (Lavinia) Allard or Ariens and eight children (Heyman, Arie, Jan,

          Ikee/Aaghe, Maritje, Neeltje, Jannetje, Aert) in the ship "Bontekoe"

          (Spotted Cow), Captain Peter Lucas, April 15, 1660; settled in Wildwyck,

          district of Esopus, now Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

          From the fact that in Gelderland at the present time the language of its

          people is interspersed with Spanish words and idioms it has been supposed

          that many religeous refugees from Spain during the first years of the

          Inquisition settled in this particular Province of Holland, among whom may

          have been ascestors of Albert Heymanse; if so this can account for the

          spelling of the name, by the Hollanders- Roose- which then would produce

          the same sound as Rosa, his name in Spanish

          On December 25, 1660 with wife, Anna Blom, Jacob Joosten, Jacob 

          Burhans,  Mathias Blanchan and wife, Anton Crespel and wife, Andries

          Barentse and wife, Margaret Chambers, Gertruy Andries, Roelof Swartwout

          and wife and Cornelise Sleght and wife participated in first administration

          of Lord's Supper at the Esopus or Wildwyck.

          Aldert Heymanse Roosa was a wealthy man for those days, bringing with him

          considerable property from Holland; sreedily occupied an influential

          position in the early making of Kingston.  On 4 March he joined other in a

          contract guarenteeing the salary of Rev. Hermanus Blom, who had been

          called as pastor of the Dutch Church at Wildwyck; (see Col. Hist N.Y. Vol XIII

          pp 130-194)

          Of this church he was for many years an elder; and because of the energy

          with which Domine Blom and he sought to conserve the surplus of the

          estates of deceased persons for the benefit of the poor of the village he

          was sometimes called "the Consistory" pf the church (Court Proceedings of

          Wildwyck publ by NY State hist. Assn; Col Hist. NY Vol VIII, pp 311 and 318)

          On 5 May 1661 appointed commissary at Wildwyck (with Evert Pels and

          Cornelis Barentse Sleght) and took their oath of office and on 16 May 1661,

          these three were named schepens by Peter Stuyvesant; New lots laid out at

          Wildwyck AH being alloted # 24 and his son Jan #30

          On 6 April 1662 permission was given to lay out a new village at the Esopus,

          called Nieuw Dorp, now Hurley, at which place his sons-in-law Anthony

          Crespel and Louis DuBois settled the same year.  Immediately after this

          warnings were received and sent to New Amsterdam of pending troubles

          with the Indians at the Esopus (see Col. Hist N.Y. Vol XIII pp 227-228)

          On 11 October 1662 AH was commissioned to proceed to New Amsterdam to

          obtain 100 pounds of Powder and 200 pounds of lead for the protection of

          the old and new settlements [from the Indians] (see Col. Hist N.Y. Vol XIII pp


          Aldert Heymanse must have been among of the earliest settlers of the new

          village because on 30 March 1663 he, Jan Joosten and Jan Garretsen were

          appointed to lay out and fortify the new village with palisades for

          protection against the savages (Sylvester's Hist Ulster County, p 36)

     [OU12] On 7 April 1663 Aldert Heymanse and fellow commissaries reported to

Governor that savages would not allow the building of palisades or fortifications because land was not included in treaty of 1660 and had not been fully paid for; and praying that the gifts promised to the savages the previous autumn be sent at once and that the new place and village be assisted with a few soldiers and ammunition, at least until the new settlement should be put into a proper state of defense and inhabited by a good number of people on 7 June 1663 Indians attacked New Village and Wildwyck, burning 12 dwellings, killing 18 persons, and carring away 10 persons from Wildwyck and New Village was burned to the ground with most of the inhabitants taken prisoner (including 2 children of AH) or killed-only a few escaped including Roosa, Blanchan, Crespel and DuBois; martial law was declared and AH appointed one of the commissaries as well as being a corporal of the Burgher Guard;


NOTE 1796-Albert (continued)

     [GB27] Allard Heymansen Roosa Arrived in New Netherlands 15 April 1660 on

          "De Bonte Coe" ("The Spotted Cow") with wife, Wyntie Ariens, and 8

          children ages 17 Arie, 15 Heyman, 14 Jan, 9 Ykje, 8 Maritje, 7 Neeltje, 4

          Jannetje, 2  Aert; settled at Wiltwyck (later Kingston), lived on one of

          richest farms there, 2 children born, Annatje anf Guert; one of six weathiest

          inhabitants of settlement; signed name "Alaerdt Heymensen Roose";

          originated from town of Herwynen in Land of Bommel

     [UCPR] p 75 Albert Heymans, farmer, came from Herwynen, Gelderland,

          Holland April 15, 1660 in the "Spotted Cow" with wife Wyntje Ariens (Weike

          de Jonge) and eight children, age resp. 17, 15, 14, 9, 8, 7, 4 and 2;

          settled in Esopus and assumed the name Roosa; Albert Hymans Roosa

          received on Aug. 19 1664 a patent of land in Wildwyck; died 27 February

          1679; Albert Heymans, Arent Albertsen, his son, et al were "convicted upon

          oath and affirmance for taking of arms in a rioyous and illegal manner upon

          the 16th of Febr. 1666, to awe, terrify, and supress his Magesty's English

          Garrison established at Esopus", the y deserved to be put to death but the

          Governor inclined to mercy sentences Albert Hymans to be bannished out of

          this Government during life and he is to have 48 hours to transport his

          estate and that a fine of 100 bushels of wheat or value thereof be levied on

          his estate in the Esopus for charges of court, and Arent Albertsen his son is

          sentenced to be banished for one whole year and a day and he is to have 40

          days to remain in the Esopus for the disposal of his and his father's

          affairs;One half of the time was remitted by the Governorupon petition of

          A.H. and he may remain in any part of the Government except Esopus, New

          York and Albany and his son may remain until his corn is husked, threshed

          and disposed of.

     [GB38] Wife Wyntie Ariens was in fact Wyntie Ariensse d'Jong

          Deed from Indians to Thomas Chambers dated 5 June 1652 for a parcel of

          land in Esopus is beginning of settlement in Ulster Co.  First settlers from

          Fort Orange include Jacob Jansen Stool, Thomas Chambers, Cornelis

          Barentsen Schlect, Willem Jansen, Jan Jansen, Pieter Dircksen, Jan 

          Broersen, Dirck Hendricksen Graff and Jan Lootman.  Passenger list of

          Brontekoe/Spotted Cow contains Aldert Heymans, agriculturist from

          Herwynen, Gelderland. 

          Apparently went to Esopus almost immediately as he and his wife received

          communion 12 September 1660

          5 May 1661 Evert Pels, Cornelis Barentsen Slegt and Aldert Heymanse Roosa

          appointed commissioners at Wiltwyck, and on 16 May 1661 Peter Stuyvesant

          granted a charter to Wiltwyck and these 3 were appointed schepens.

NOTE 1796-Albert (continued)

     [EASc] Burger; with his wife and children came from Gilderland, in 1660 on     

the ship called "The Spotted Cow" from Holland; appointed "Schepan" (Alderman) of Wiltwyck (Esopus), now Kingston NY by Peter Stuyvesant in 1669; served in the military forces of the Colony as mustering officer and in other capacities and on 5 April 1670 recruited at Hurley and Marbletown: See 2nd Annual Report of State Historian NY pp378, 379, 384; also pp 185, 191, 201, 204, 207, 266, 276, 285, 287, 290, 294, 427; New York Historical Magazine Vol 31 pp 235-236-Accounts of Albert and his son Arie








898-Capt. [OTGe, VINK] Arien [LDSC, UCPR]/Arian [LDSC]/Ariaan [LDSC]/Ari

          [OTGe]/Ary [LDSC, UCBR, KMBR]/Arien/Arie [OU12, NYSo, UCPR, VINK,

          EASc, VEAL] Hymanse [LDSC]/Heymansse [UCBR, KMBR]/H. ROOSA

     Son of 1796-Albert Heymans and Wyntie Arens (De JONGH) ROOSA

     b. 3 June 1643 [LDSC] or 1645 [UCPR, OU12, EASc, VEAL] in Herwynen,

         Gelderland, [LDSC] Holland [EASc, VEAL], chr. 3 June 1643 [LDSC] in

         Herwynen, Gelderland,

         Holland [LDSC]

     m. ca. 1668 [LDSC]/ca. 1669 [LDSC] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC, VEAL]

               899-Maria PELS [OTGe, OU12, KMBR, EASc, VEAL]-see PELS

               dau. of Judge Evert and Janetje Symons/SYMENS [VEAL]


     d. 1699-1700 [LDSC] in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, NY [LDSC]


     ch.  f *Jannetje

          m  Aldert, b. ca. 1674 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC]

          f  Arrantje, b. 1676 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 1693 [LDSC]

               Teunis OSTERHAUT

          f  Rebecca, b. 20 March 1678 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], chr. 20

               March 1678 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 4 May 1701 [LDSC] Laurence

               [LDSC]/Laurens [LDSC] OSTERHAUT, d. in Rhinebeck NY [LDSC]

          m  Evert, b. 26 October 1679 [LDSC] in Hurley NY [LDSC], chr. 26

               October 1679 [LDSC, KBMR, EASc, VEAL] in Old Dutch Church [KBMR],

               Kingston NY [LDSC, VEAL], m. 1700 [LDSC] Trintje [LDSC]/Tietje [LDSC,

               EASc, VEAL] VAN ETTEN (m1 Jacobus [EASc], dau. of Jacob VAN ETTEN

              and Annetje ARIANS), will dated 5 March 1727 [LDSC] in Kingston NY



          f  Wyntie [LDSC]/Wentie [LDSC]/Weyntie [EASc, VEAL], b. 4 June 1682

             [LDSC] in Hurley NY [LDSC], chr. 4 June 1682 [LDSC, EASc, VEAL] in

             Kingston NY  [LDSC, VEAL], m. 22 March [LDSC] 1707 [LDSC] in Kingston    

             NY  [LDSC] Nicholus DUPUIS [LDSC]/DUPUY [LDSC]/DU PUE [LDSC]

          f  Engelitie [LDSC, EASc]/Engeltie [KBMR, VEAL]/Engeltje [UCPR]/Eneitje

               [LDSC], b. September 1685 [LDSC] in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, NY

               [LDSC], chr. 3 [LDSC, EASc]/20 [UCPR, LDSC, VEAL] September [KBMR]

               1685 in Kingston NY [LDSC, VEAL], m. 25 [UCPR]/27 [LDSC] November

               1711 or 19 December [LDSC] 1711 in Kingston NY Cornelius 

               [LDSC]/Cornelis [LDSC] Barentsen SCHOONMAKER (bap. 15 January 1682

               [UCPR], d. 14 October 1757 [UCPR], son of Jochem and Petronella

               {SLEGHT} SCHOONMAKER [UCPR]), d. 21 January 1778 in Kingston NY


          f  Annetie [LDSC]/Annetje [KBMR, EASc, VEAL], b. 1687 [LDSC]/ca. 1697

               [LDSC] in Rhinebeck [LDSC] or Hurley [LDSC] NY, chr. 22 December 1687

               [LDSC, KBMR, EASc, VEAL]/1697 [LDSC] in Old Dutch Church [KBMR],

               Kingston NY [LDSC, VEAL], m. 19 December 1715 [LDSC] in Old Dutch

               Church, Kingston NY [LDSC] Johanes WESTBROOK

          m  Arien [VEAL] (Ary) Albertson [EASc], b. 3 June 1694 [LDSC] in Hurley NY

               [LDSC], chr. 3 June 1694 [LDSC, KBMR, EASc, VEAL] in Old Dutch

               Church [KBMR], Kingston NY [LDSC, VEAL], m1. 4 December 1713 [LDSC]

               in Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY [LDSC] Johanna de HOOGES, m2. 9

               February 1721 [LDSC] Gertrude OSTRANDER

          f  Marytjen [LDSC]/Mary [KBMR, EASc], b. 28 August 1698 [LDSC] in

               Hurley NY [LDSC], chr. 28 August 1698 [LDSC, KBMR, EASc] in Old Dutch

               Church [KBMR], Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 31 January 1717 [LDSC] in Old

               Dutch Church, Kingston NY [LDSC] Gerrit VAN KAMPEN


NOTE 898-Arie

     [EASc] "A Rool of the names and surnames of them that haue takin oath of

          Allegience in ye country of Ulster by order of his Excely, Ye Governor; ye

          first day of September Anno Qe Domini 1689" and also upon " a list of the

          Freeholders of the town of Kingston: Aldert Ariense Roosa, AARIE ROOSA. 

          On the former list appeasrs the names of Jacob Van Etten and his son Jan,

          Johannes Westbrook and Evert Pels.  In 1668, Arie Roosa, Jan Eltinge, Gerrit

          Aartsen, Hendrick Kip, and Jacob Kip were granted a large track of land in

          Dutchers County.  This tract or grant is called "Arei Roosa Patent" and it

          embraced about 1500 acres opposite Roudout Creek )Rondout) near Kingston

          and extending along the bank of the Hudson River.  Arie Roosa settled upon

          this grant and lived there through the remainder of his life.  Many

          descendents are now found in Dutchers Co. as properous farmers and


     [EASc] New York army list for 1700-Province of New York

          In another foot company of Militia-Arie Rose, Capt; John Rose, Lieut.; Arie

          Gerrittse, ensign.

     [EASc] References cited:

          Reciords of Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY p 12 # 196

          Hoe's Register p2 #10, p1 #55

          New York Historical magazine Vol 31 pp 166, 237

          Documentary History of NY Vol 1 pp 357-363

          Olde Ulster Vol 7 p 28, 239-Roosa Family Bible

               Jennetje Roosa, her bible-1744-was in possession of John P

                    Roosa of Hurley NY in 1911


NOTE 898/899

     [KMBR] Baptisms

          12/196    Evert 26 October 1679

          24/426    Engeltie September 1685

          30/544    Annetje 22 December 1687

          42/785    Arien 3 June 1694

          54/1056   Mary 28 August 1698



449-Jannetje/Jannette/Jennetje [EASc]/Jannet [LDSC] ROOSA/ROOS [WE71]

     Daughter of Arien H and Maria (PELS) ROOSA

     b. est. 1666 [LDSC]/ca. [EASc] 1670 [OTGe]/1670-1677 [LDSC]/1677 [FBLM]

           in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC, FBLM]

     m. 448-Jan VAN ETTEN-see VAN EATON

     d. bef. 1731 in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC]


     ch. See 448-Jan VAN ETTEN






          I: 185 Freeholders 1728 Kingston: Roosa: Evert, Aldert Ariese

          I: 187 Trustees of Kingston: 1714-15 Albert Roosa

          I: 192 Conveyances 1688-1700 Kingston

               13 February 1688-Trustees to John Roosa of Hurley 100 acres

                    near the De Witt farm   

          II: 145 Town of Hurley devided to 168 inhabitants in 1806

                                        Lots      Compensation Lots

               Roosa     John E.        42            

                         Hyman          60

                         Peter P.       108       142

                         Egbert         99

          II: 145 Hurley known as Niew Dorp appears as early as 1662

               Several patents in 1662 include Albert Heymanse Roosa

               50 years after settlement Nicholas Roosa member of corporation

               In 1703 there were 174 persons in Hurley, mostly in that part of     

               the present town known as Old Hurley

               7 June 1663-Killed: 3 men; Taken Prisoner:1 man, 8 women, 25

                    children-includes 2 children of Albert Heymans

          II: 147 Conveyences recorded in town of Hurley:

                    Albert Roosa 31 March 1729

                    Aldert Jansen Roosa 24 March 1724

                                        27 September 1742

                    Dirck Roosa 27 September 1742

                    Allert H. Roosa 28 March 1738

               And for next 30 years:

                    Roosa: Arie, Heyma, Isaac, Petrus, Jacob A.

          II: 147 List of Freeholders in Hurley in 1728

               Roosa: John, Aldert, Albert Janse, John, Jr, Evert

          II: 147 List of Negros over age 14 in Hurley 19 April 1755:

               Aldert Roosa-2

          II: 147-148 Land Purchases

               14 April 1673 Albert Heermance-a lot in Hurley

               18 September 1765 Hymen Albertsen Roosa-a small lot

          II: 148 Overseers for Town of Hurley 1781: Petrus Roosa, Egbert Roosa

          II: 148 Overseer for Middle District 28 March 1781

               Jacob H. Roosa, Jan Roosa

          II:148 Trustees of Hurley

               3 September 1719-Nicolas Roosa

               5 April 1720-Nicolas Roosa, Aldert Roosa, Jan Roosa,

          II: 148 Town Meeting 15 March 1721

               Nicolas Roosa requested his land be called "bemer Vly"

               Fence Viewers: Aldert Roosa, Aldert Janse Roosa

               Poormasters: Jan Roosa

          II: 148 Town Meeting: 10 May 1721

               Conveyance of Cornelis Chambers' land or path that leads to

                    the bush-land of John Roosa

          II: 148 Old Homesteads

               Egberg Roosa and Petrus Roosa, brothers, had places now (1880)

                    owned by Thomas Houghtaling and Gardiner Smith respectively

          II: 149 Town of Hurley Officers in Earlier Years

               1722-Trustees: Aldert Roosa, Nicolas Roosa

                    Fence Viewers: Aldert Roosa

               1727-Trustees: Aldert Roosa

               1732-Trustees: Aldert Roosa, Jan Roosa, Jr.

                    Poormasters: Aldert Roosa

               1737-Trustees: Aldert Janse Roosa

                    Constable: Heyman Roosa

               1737-Fence Viewers: Aldert Janse Roosa

ROOSA: [UCHx] (continued)

          II: 150 Principal Town Officers

               1801-Peter P. Roosa

               1805-6: Petter P. Roosa

          II: 151 Reformed Church of Hurley

               paper 4 August 1801 signed by Petrus Roosa

               petition for meeting house signed by:

                    Peter D. Roosa, Egbert Roosa, Wyman Roosa

          II: 155 Muster roll of Foot Company of Militia of Hurley

                    of Capt Cornelis Wine Coop 1738

               Roosa: Jan, Hyman, Jan A., Gysbert Jun., Dirck, Jan Ja, Abrn,

                    Nicolas, Albert Ja

          II: 185 25 March 1704: Town of Marbletown

               First Deed Recorded is to Gysbert Roosa for 73 acres

          II: 186 Early Quit-rent roll marbletown-Gysbert Roosa

          II: 186 Freeholders 1728-Gysbert Roosa, John Gysbertse Roosa

          p 47 Allard, or Aldert, Heymanse Roosa came out in May 1660 in

               company of Roeloff Swartwout, his wife Wyntje Allard and eight

               children.  He emigrated from Harwynen, Gelderland, where he left a

               large family of honest kinfolk.  On his arrival in New Amsterdam he

               secured a passage for himself and family to Esopus and took up his

               abode in Wiltwyck.  When two years later a new village was laid out he

               removed there and from that time to his death he resided in Hurley. 

               His children were Ariaen, husband of Maria Pels; Hymen, m. Mary

               Roosevelt; Jan, who took to wife Hellegond Williams; and Ilee m.

               Roeleff Kierstede; Mary, wife of a Jansen; Neeltje, spouce of Henry

               Pawling; Jane, mate of Mattys Ten Eyck.  There were also two others,

               Aert and Annatje

          p 48 List of New Lots in Wiltwyck 1661: Albert Heymanse

               (Albany Rec xvi. 155, 157)

          p 54 Albert Heymanse Roosa acted insolently on 7 July ? 1663 by

               threatening to shoot two Indians being questioned

          p 66 Albert Heymanse Roosa obtained permission to build a tan-yard in     

             Hurley ? on 25 September 1669; made overseer of Hurley

          p 61-62 Taxed to pay for parsonage for Kingston Church 1660:

               tax of one rix dollar ((2 1/2 guilders)/morgan, payments

                    made in wheat, total cost 1202.96 dollars

                                             mor  gl.  sw.

                    Alert Heymanse (Roosa)   36   90   00

                         tenent of Jacob Jansen Stol.

          p 62 Kingston Church Records:

               26 December 1660-celebration of supper: Albert Roosa

          p 67 Militia enrolled 4 April 1670, Captain Pawling

               Marbletown: Albert Heymans, sargent

               Hurley: Aldert Roosa, Ariaen Roosa, John Roosa

          p 69 Petition to Governor General signed by:

                    Hymen Albertsen Roosa, Arie Albertsen Roosa

          p 69-70 names of Male Inhabitants of Ulster Co in 1689

                         Roos: John, Arie

          p 73-75 Signers in Troop of Horse at Kingston 9 June 1775


                    Roosa: Wilhelmus, Jumas, Abraham, Andries, Jacob, John

                    Rosa: Henrrick, Johannes G., Jacobus, Gysbert

          p 73-75 Mamaking (now in Sullivan Co, formerly spelled Mamacoting)

                    Rosa: Abraham, Jacob, Isaac

          p 73-75 Hurley

                    Roosa: Heyman, Petrus, Egbert, Jacob H.

                    Roosc.: Johannes

ROOSA: [UCHx] (continued)

          p 485 Roosa: Albert Heymans, from Gelderland, is registered as

               having sailed in April 1660 in the ship Spotted Cow with his wife and

               eight children.  His wife's name was Wyntie Ariens.  They settled in

               Esopus, assumed the name Roosa, and became the ancestors of the

               Roosa families of this vicinity

     [KiHx] p 27 Evert Pels, Cornelis Barentse Slecht and Elbert Hymans

               Roosa were by charter designated as the first board of schepens

     [UCPR] Arie Rose, late a private in the line of this state, deceased

          interstate: Adm. granted 27 January 1791 to Cornelius Roosa, of

          Shawangunk, Physician.-Adm. bond Pound 200 by said Roosa, Cornelius

          Bruyn, yeoman, and Jacobus S. Bruyn of Kingstowne, Merchant.

     [UCNY] Muster Roll of a Company of Militia, Town of Marbletown, 1738

          Captain Daniel Broadhead

               Includes: Roosa: Gysbert, Jan, Hendrick

     [UCNY] Licenced to export flour by act of 11 November 1777-Johannes Roosa

     [UCNY] Freeholders, Inhabitants, Residents on tax roll 20 January 1714/15

          Kingston: Allert Ariense Roosa, Evert Roosa

     [UCNY] Freeholders, Inhabitants, Residents on tax roll 20 January 1714/15


               Gysbert Roosa                 30             00-3-9

          Hurley                             Assessment     Tax

               Albert and Nicholas Roosa     L175           L1-11-10

               Jan Roosa, Jun                8              00-1-00

               Allert Jans Roosa             25             00-3-1+

               Willem Roosa                  10             00-1-3

               Jan Roosa, Sen                125            00-15-7+

               Arien Roosa                   20             00-3-9

               Marya Roosa                   150            00-18-0


ROOSA-see [EASc] pp133-135

Minisink Town Meeting in The Westbrook Family of NY (can't be read)

     Roosa     Jacob          250,251










     [NYHC] Historic New York-Pels

     [AlHx] History of Albany, Vol. I, III-Pels, Groat

     [NAIP] New Amsterdam and its People-De Truy/Du Trieux

     [FOMC] Minutes of Fort Orange and Beverwyck-Groat

     [ACHX] History of County of Albany-Groat

     [SPHx] History of the Schenectady Patent-Groat

     [ScFS] First Settlers of the Patent and City of Schenectady-Groat

     [KiHx] History of Kingston 1888-Pels





     [NAIP] De Truy was what Dutch called him




     7198 Phillip DU TRUY1585 1653 Susanna DU CHESNE   Holland;NY

     3599 Rebecca TRIEUX 16??      Symon Symorse GROAT NY-New York,Schenectady

     1799 Janet SIMONS   1623 1683 Everet PELS         NY-Ulster


Map Locations

     Roubaix-City of Northern France, Northeast of Lille, near Belgium border

     Walloon = of a French speaking people of Celtic descent inhabiting

          Southern and Southeastern Belgium and adjaacent regions of France.


HX   7198-Phillip DE TRUY/DU TRIEUX came to New Amsterdam from Roubaix,

          France during Minuit's Administration (1624-1629), was a land owner in New

          Amsterdam as early as 1638, appointed court messenger or marshall in 1638

          or 1639 and received a patent for land in Smit's Valley (Pearl St) in

          Schenectady in 1640.  His daughter, Rebecca, married 3598-Symon Symorse

          GROOT who came to New Netherlands in 1645 and to Albany about 1654.  He

          owned land in Albany in 1655 and 1663 and owner of Fonda Island in

          Schencectady in 1694


History of Albany NY

     [AANY] Although French traders were in the area in the mid 1500's, it

          wasn't until 1609 that Dutch fur traders arrived and established a trading

          center and a fort.  The first permanent settlement was founded in 1624 by

          18 Walloon families, French Protestants who left the Spanish Netherlands

          seeking religeous freedom.  The settlement was called Beverwyck until it

          was transferred to the English and renamed in honor of the Duke of York

          and Albany.


History of Rensselear

     [AANY] Rensselaer was founded in 1631 by Dutch settlers




7198-Phillip DE TRUY [ScFS]/DU TRIEUX [ScFS, SPHx]/TRUAX [ScFS], a Walloon

          [ScFS, SPHx] of New Amsterdam [SPHx]

     b. 1585 [LDSC, ScFS, SPHx] in Robey (Roubaix), France [LDSC]

     m1. 11 April 1615 in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands [LDSC]

          Jacqueline/Jacquelyne [LDSC] NOIRET/NOIRETT [LDSC]

     m2. 17 July 1621 [LDSC] in Leiden, Zuid, Netherlands [LDSC] 7199-Susanna

               DU CHESNE [LDSC]/DE SCHEENE [ScFS, SPHx]

          b. 1600 in France [LDSC]

          d. aft. 1654 [ScFS] in New York [LDSC]

     d. sometime bef. [NAIP] or in [LDSC] 1653 in New Amsterdam, Netherlands

          [LDSC] {undoubtedly means New Netherlands}


     chm1 m  Phillippe, b. 1616 [LDSC], chr. 3 January 1616 [LDSC] in

               Amsterdam, North Holland [LDSC] or Leiden, Zuid [LDSC], Holland

          f  Mary, b. 1617 [LDSC], chr. 5 April 1617 [LDSC] in Amsterdam, North     

              Holland [LDSC] or Leiden, Zuid [LDSC], Holland

          m  Phillippe, b. 1619 [LDSC], chr. 10 February 1619 [LDSC] in

               Amsterdam, North Holland [LDSC] or Leiden, Zuid [LDSC], Holland, d. 8

               September 1653 [LDSC]

          f  Madeline, b. 1620 [LDSC], chr. 9 February 1620 [LDSC] in

               Amsterdam, North Holland [LDSC] or Leiden, Zuid [LDSC], Holland

     chm2 f *Rebecca (DE TRIEUX)

          f  Sara, b. 1623-1625 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY

               [LDSC], m. 9 [LDSC] June [ScFS] 1641 in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, NY

               [LDSC] or in New Amsterdam [ScFS] Isaac DE FORREST, d. 9 November

               1692 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, NY [LDSC]

          f  Susanna, b. 1626 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY [LDSC],

               m. 31 July 1644 [LDSC, ScFS] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY

               [LDSC] Evert Janse WENDEL [LDSC, SPHx] of Beverwyck [ScFS, SPHx],

               d. 1660 [LDSC]

          f  Rachel, b. aft. 1626 [LDSC] or 1635 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, New

               York Co, NY [LDSC], m. [LDSC] or m1. [ScFS] 3 [ScFS]/30 [LDSC]

               September 1656 in New Netherlands [LDSC] or New Amsterdam [ScFS]

               NY Hendrick VAN BOMMEL, m2. 8 August 1677 [ScFS] Dirk Janse DE


          m  Abraham, b 1632 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY [LDSC],

               m. 1711 [LDSC] Christina DE LA GRANGE, d. in Fort Orange (now Albany)

               NY [LDSC] ([ScFS] in Beverwyck in 1656)

          m  Isaac, b. 21 April 1642 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY

               [LDSC], chr. 21 [ScFS]/24 [LDSC] April 1642 in New Amsterdam, New

               York Co, NY [LDSC, ScFS], m. 1670 [ScFS, SPHx] Maria Williamse

               [LDSC]/Willems [LDSC] BROWER [LDSC]/BRONWER [LDSC] (dau. of

               Willem BROUWER [ScFS, SPHx]), d. prob. ca. 1705 [SPHx] or 1706 [LDSC]

               (ch. Abraham [ScFS] {see [ScFS p 198] for details}; Eva, m. Dirk STOUWT

               [ScFS]; Sarah, m. Gillis TRAUX [ScFS]; Isaac, bap. 2 March 1690 [ScFS]

               in Albany [ScFS] {see [ScFS p 198] for details}; Lysbeth, bap. 3 July

               1692 [ScFS] in Albany [ScFS], m. Evert VAN EPS [ScFS]; Jacob, bap. 9

               October 1694 [ScFS] {see [ScFS p 198] for details}; Johannes, bap. 11

               December 1696 [ScFS] in Albany [ScFS])

          m  Jacob, bap. 7 December 1645 [LDSC, ScFS] in New Amsterdam [LDSC,

               ScFS], New York Co, NY [LDSC], m. 26 September 1674 [LDSC, ScFS] in

               New Orange, New York Co [LDSC], NY [ScFS] Lysbet [LDSC]/ Lysbeth 

               [ScFS] PORET [LDSC]/POST [ScFS], d. 1709 in New Castle, New Castle

               Co, DE [LDSC]

          f  Sara, b. est. 1649 [LDSC]

          [SPHx] m2. 3 sons and 4 daughters



NOTE 7198-Phillip de Truy/du Trieux

     [NAIP] p 301 had a sister or daughter known as "Long Mary" who married

          Cornelis VOLCKERSEN, one of the oldest settlers, and after his death, she

          married Jan PEECK (page 301 contains stories of Mary and Jan PEECK)

          p 326 As early as 1638 owned a parcel of land {in New Amsterdam}; one of

          the older residents and seems to have been one of the first if not the first

          to build on Bever Graft or the modern Beaver Street where for a number of

          years he had a house; long the court "Messenger" or marshall at New

          Amsterdam; in 1640 received ground-brief or patent for land adjoining

          Secretary Van TIENHOVES's farm and seems to have resided on it; seems to

          have leased or contracted to sell his place to Nicholas STILWEL

          p 334-335 sold a piece of land (a narrow strip lying between the road and

          the East River Shore) to Isaac ALLERTON (of Plymouth MA) who as early as

          1646 or 1647 made arrangements to establish a pemanent trading post in

          New Amsterdam

     [ScFS] was in New Amsterdam during Minuit's administration 1624-1629; was

          appointed court messenger in 1639; in 1640 received a patent for land in

          Smit's valley"

     [SPHx] came to New Amsterdam during the administration of Gov. Minuit

          1624-1629; appointed court messenger or marshall in 1638; in 1640 received

          a patent for a lot in Smit's valey" [Pearl Street], New Amsterdam


NOTE 7199-Susanna

     [ScFS] living as late as 1654


NOTE 7198/7199-6-Isaac

     [ScFS] settled on the "second flat", on the south side of the Mohawk, in

          the present town of Rotterdam; as early as 1670 with his ?cousin Jacobus

          PEEK as appears by to petition to, and grant from Gov. ANDROS)

          ([SPHx]about 1670 when 28 years old, came to Schenectady and settled

          upon the "Second flat" on the south side of the river, this flat consisting of

          22 1/2 morgans with 10 morgans of woodland adjoing was granted to him

          and his cousin Jacobus PEEK in 1677 by patent of Gov. ANDROS; 4 sons and 3

          daughters; the year after his death his widow sold eight morgans of her

          land to Jacobus PEEK)




     Dau. of 7198-Phillip and Susanna (DU CHESNE) DU TRUY

     b. 1607-35 [LDSC] in New Amsterdam, New York Co, NY [LDSC]

     m. 1628/1629 [LDSC] in Schnectady, Schnectady Co, NY [LDSC] 3598-Symon

               [LDSC, ScFS, FOMC, SPHx]/Simon [ScFS, SPHx]/Semen [AlHx] Symorse

               [LDSC]/Simonse [ScFS, SPHx]/Symense [AlHx]/Symonse [AlHx, SPHx]

               GROAT [LDSC]/GROOT [ScFS, AlHx, SPHx] afterwards of Schenectady


          b. 1602 in Netherlands [LDSC]

          d. in Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY [LDSC]


     ch.  Symon [ScFS, SPHx], oldest son [ScFS, SPHx], m. 1692 [SPHx] Geertruy

               (dau. of Jan RINKHOUT [ScFS]/RINCKHOUT [SPHx] of Albany [SPHx]) (ch.

               Rebecca, b. 3 July 1692 [ScFS] in Albany [ScFS], m. Nicholas VAN PETTEN

               [ScFS]; Eve, b. 3 January 1695 [ScFS] in Schenectady [ScFS]; Susanna,

               b. 21 March 1697 [ScFS] in Albany [ScFS], m. Joseph BRAGHAM [ScFS]);

               Simon, b. 29 September 1700 [ScFS] in Schenectady [ScFS]; Johannes, b.

               13 December 1702 [ScFS] in Schenectady [ScFS]; Nicholas [ScFS];

               Lysbeth, b. 24 February 1706 [ScFS] in Albany [ScFS], m. Juriaan

               SIVERSE [ScFS]; Cornelis [ScFS])

          f *Janet Symons Schepnoes/Janet Simons/Jannitje [LDSC]

          f  Marretje, b. ca. 1641 [LDSC] in Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY

               [LDSC], m. 1660 [LDSC] in Ulster Co, NY [LDSC] Jacob Barertsen KOOL,

               d. ? in NY [LDSC]

          ?m  Synen, b. 1644 [LDSC] in Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY [LDSC],

               m. ca. 1691 [LDSC] in Albany NY [LDSC] Geertuy RINKHOUT

          m  Claas, b. ca. 1647 [LDSC] in Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY


          f  Maria, b. ca. 1650 [LDSC] in Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY

               [LDSC], m. Daniel Janse VAN ANTWERPEN [LDSC, ScFS, SPHx] (see [SPHx

               pp 159-160] for details of VAN ANTWERPEN) (ch. Jan, m. Agnieta [SPHx]

               {dau. of Harmen VEDDER [SPHx]}; Symon, m. Maria [SPHx] {dau. of

              Jacobus PEEK [SPHx]}; Daniel, m. Ariaantje [SPHx])

          f  Rebecca, b. ca. 1653 [LDSC] in Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY

               [LDSC], m. Claas Cornelise VAN DER [LDSC]/VANDER [ScFS] VOLGEN

          f  Sara, b. ca. 1655 [LDSC] in Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY

               [LDSC], m. Arent VEDDER [LDSC, ScFS]

          f  Susanna, b. ca. 1664 [LDSC] in Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY

               [LDSC], m. Isaac Cornelise SWITS [LDSC, ScFS]

          m  Abraham [ScFS, SPHx], b. ca. 1668 [LDSC] in Schenectady,

               Schenectady Co, NY [LDSC], m1. 15 April [LDSC] 1696 [SPHx] in

               Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY [LDSC] Antje WEMP (widow of Sander

               GLEN [ScFS, SPHx]), m2. 9 July [LDSC] 1699 [SPHx] in First Reformed

               Dutch Church, Albany, Albany Co, NY [LDSC] Hestertje [SPHx] VISSCHER

              (dau. of Harmen VISSCHER [ScFS, SPHx] of Albany [SPHx]), d. bef. 1737

              [LDSC] (chm2. Rebecca, bap. 5 May 1700 [ScFS] in Schenectady [ScFS],

              m.  Abraham DE GRAFF [ScFS]; Hester, bap. 7 April 1701 [ScFS] in

               Schenectady [ScFS], m. Frans VAN DE BIGART [ScFS]; Maria, bap. 24

               January 1703 [ScFS] in Schenectady [ScFS], m. Jacob VROOMAN [ScFS];

               Gertury, bap. 30 April 1704 [ScFS] in Schenectady [ScFS], m. David

               MARINUS [ScFS]; Simon, bap. 28 October 1705 [ScFS] in Schenectady

               [ScFS]; Harmanus, bap. 13 July 1707 [ScFS]; Cornelis, bap. 23 October

               1709 [ScFS], d. bef. 1737 [ScFS]; Abraham, bap. 21 October 1711 [ScFS]

               in Schenectady [ScFS])


          m  Philip [ScFS, SPHx], b. ca. 1670 [LDSC] in Schenectady,

               Schenectady Co, NY [LDSC], m. 1701 [LDSC] in Schenectady,

               Schenectady Co, NY [LDSC] Sara [LDSC, ScFS]/Sarah [SPHx] PEEK (dau.

               of Jacob [ScFS]/Jacobus [SPHx] PEEK of the "Second flat" [SPHx]), d.

               1716 [ScFS]/1717 [SPHx], drowned in Mohawk River [LDSC, ScFS, SPHx]

               (ch. Simon, bap. 5 September 1702 [ScFS], d. 10/15 November 1732

               [ScFS]; Jacobus, bap. 18 September 1707 [ScFS], d. 18 Februray 1731/2

               [ScFS]; Rebecca, bap. 25 June 1710 [ScFS], d. 13 February 1731/2 [ScFS];

               Ludovicus/Lewis, bap. 28 November 1712 [ScFS]; Elisabeth, bap. 16

               September 1716 [ScFS], m. Frederic VAN PATTEN [ScFS])

          m  Dirk [ScFS, SPHx], b. ca. 1680 [LDSC] in Schenectady, Schenectady

               Co, NY [LDSC], m. ca. 1706 [LDSC] in Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY

               [LDSC] Elizabeth [LDSC]/Lysbeth [ScFS] VANDERVOLGEN [LDSC] (dau. of

               Claas Lourence VANDER VOLGEN [ScFS]) (ch. Simon, bap. 16 October

               1707 [ScFS] in Schenectady Church [ScFS], m1. 5 November 1732 Maria

               TREUX ([ScFS] page 82 not copied); Nicholas, bap. 23 October 1709

               [ScFS]; Rebecca, bap. 13 February 1712 [ScFS] in Schenectady Church

               [ScFS], m. Isaac QUACKENBOSS [ScFS]; Symon, bap. 2 May 1714 [ScFS];

               Philippus, bap. 10 May 1716 [ScFS] in Schenectady Church [ScFS];

               Cornelis, bap. 2 June 1718 [ScFS] in Schenectady Church [ScFS]; Maria,

               bap. 18 June 1720 [ScFS] in Schenectady Church [ScFS]; Abraham, bap.

              26 Janaury 1722/3 [ScFS] in Schenectady Church [ScFS]; Isaac, b. 28

             January 1725 [ScFS];  Neeltje, b. 6 May 1726 [ScFS], m. Pieter VAN

             VRANKEN [ScFS]) ([ScFS] supposedly settled in Niskayuna)

          m  Cornelis [ScFS], b. est. 1682 [LDSC] in Schenectady, Schenectady

               Co, NY [LDSC]

          m  Claas [ScFS, SPHx]

          [SPHx] 6 sons and 4 daughters

          [LDSC] All above children named (GROAT) SIMONS


NOTE 3598-Symon Symorse Groat

     [AlHx] I:207 Symen Symonse/Symense Groot appeared before Albany Court 9

          August 1654 to allow his brother-in-law, Isaac De Forrest of Manathans to

          sell, transfer or assign a sum of 684 guilders earned in the service of the

          West Indies Company

     [AlHx] III: 91 Key to the names of persons in Early Dutch Records of

               Albany and Vicinity: Symon Symonse Groot 1654-1662

          III: 129 Genealogies of first settlers in Albany:

               Symon Symonse Groot, a servent in the West Indies Company, was at

               Beverwyck 1654; became one of first settlers of Schenectady

          III: 200 patented in 1659 a lot on Columbia Street/Broadway,

               west side, Columbis to Steuben in Village of Beverwyck (Patents 381,

               405; Albany Co Records 268, 413)

          III: 274 conditions of sale of house and lot in Beverwyck:

               firstly, the house with all that is fast by earth and nailed shall be

               delivered to the buyer, except for the horse stable; the house is

               twenty feet square with a lot four rods in breadth, and seven and a

               half rods long

          III: 327 on 30 June 1663 along with Isaac Forrest appointed as

               guardian of Elsie Wendel age 16, Johannes Wendel age 14, Diewer

               Wendel age 10, Jeronimus Wendel age 8, Philip Wendel age 5 and Evert

               Wendel age 3, both being uncles on maternal side of children of Susanne

                De Truwe/Truax, deceased, and Evert Jansen Wendel (to be married to

                Maria  Abrahambe, widow of the late Thomas Janssen Mingael, dau. of

                Abraham  Pieterse Vosburgh)

     [FOMC] p 182 defaulted in Court of Fort Orange 5 April 1659

          p 197 defendent in Court of Fort Orange 8 July 1659


NOTE 3598-Symon Symorse Groat (continued)

     [ACHx] p 294-295

          The sagacity of the Dutch settlers is shown in their selection of lands, and

          the tenacity with which they held possession of them.  They rarely

          occupied the hills.  Their native Holland was a flat country, abundant in

          water, lying by the sea, and traversed by rivers and canals.  The early

          colonists  planted their homes, usually upon level tracts, upon the rich

          aluvium of the Hudson River, or other streams that ran into it.  These they

          were apt to leave to their heirs.

          List of patents of lands located in or near Albany County by the Dutch

          Government from 1630-1634:includes many names including Kiliaen

          Rensselaer 1631-1649 (large tracts, most of others are lots only) Jan

          Michelesen 1650,  many in 1652-1653 including Thomas Chambers 1653,

          fewer in 1654-1664.  Of note are:

               Cornelis Teunissen a lot in Beverwyck 23 April 1652

               Symon Symonz Groot, a lot, Beverwyck, May 11, 1663

     [SPHx] p 25 signed the Indian Deed and First Patent For the Township (of

          Schenectady) in Albany on 10 October 1702

          p 80 The situation of this (Fonda's) Island is best described in the patent

          to Simon Simonse Groot, of date Aug. 9, 1694, "to confirm to him a small

          island in the Mohawk river within the town of Schenectady posessed by him

          for twenty-seven years, to wit, a certain small island in the Mohawk river

          lying to the north of the Hoek, or point of Reyer Jacobsen's

          [Schermerhorn], and to the southward of the island belonging to Joris

          Aertsen [now Guise's] and to the westward of the island lately belonging to

          Sweer Teunise deceased,-containing five morgans or ten acres.

          p 120 came to New Netherland ca. 1645, as boatswain of the ship Prince

          Maurits, and purchased a house of Jacob Roy in New Amsterdam; about 10

          years later became a resident of Beverwyck where he purchased a house lot

          and remained until 1663, when he hired a bouwery of 25 or 30 morgans at

          Schenectady of Gerrit Bancker and Harmen Vedder (The lease ran for 6years

          at  a rent of 500 guilders and included with the land, a dwelling house, barn,

          ricks, six draft horses including a mare, six milch cows, two sows, etc.

          p 120 sons Symon, Abraham, Philip, Dirk and Claas captured by the French

          and  Indians, and taken to Canada; the following year they were redeemed.

          p 120 home lot in the village, was on the northerly side of Union Street 100

          feet westerly from Church Street; fifty feet front and extending through to

          Front Street more than 400 feet; it remained in the family several

          generations (Deeds III: 324)

          p 120 In 1654 he had a claim against the Dutch West Indies Co for services

          rendered of 684 guilders (see Deeds II: 43, Albany Co Records 207).  1659,

          owned a lot in Beverwyck next south of Uldrick Kleyn's (Albany Co Records

          268).  1659, offerred same for sale-size 4 rods x 7 1/2 rods, house 20 sq.

          ft (Albany Co Records 274).  1660 had a lot south of Pieter Vrooman's on the

          Third kil, Albany (Albany Co Records 283).  1662 proposing to remove to

          Esopus he empowered Jan Withart to sell his house and lot in Beverwyck

         (Not.  Papers I: 79, 271).  1667, 2 may he had a patent for a lot without the

          town which passed into the possession of Jan Withart (Albany Co Records



NOTE 3598-Symon Symorse Groat (continued)

     [ScFS] p 80-81 Symon Symonse Groot, the first settler (of Patent and City

          of Schenectady) came early to New Netherlands in the service of the West

          Indies Company, as a boatswain of the ship Prince Maurice.  In 1645 he

          bought a house and lot of Jacob Roy, in New Amsterdam.  Soon after he

          came to Beverwyck, where he purchased or built a house, which in 1654 he

          offerred for sale.  He had lately withdrawn from the service of the West

          Indies  Company, against whom he then held a claim for services of 834

          guilders.  In 1662 being about to remove to the Esopus, he empowered

         Johannes Withart to sell his house and lot; but it is evident that he changed

          his purpose, for in 1663he hired a bouwery of 25 or 30 morgans, of Gerit

          Bancker and Harmen Vedderen, at Schenectady, and still retained posession

          of his house in  Albany as late as 1667.  His home and lot in Schenectadt was

          on the north side of Union Street, 100 Amsterdam feet westerly from

          Church Street,  running through to Front Street, and remained in the family

          more than a hundred years.  He m. Rebecca, daughter of Philip Du Trieux 

          (Traux), court  messenger of New Amsterdam, and had the following

          children: Symon; Abraham;  Philip; Dirk; Cornelis; Claas; Susanna, who m.

          Isaac Cornelise Swits; Marie,  who m. Daniel Janse Van Antwerpen;

          Rebecca, who m. Claas Cornelise Vander Volgen; Sara, who m. Arent

          Vedder.  On the 8th of Feb., 1690 his five sons, Symon, Abraham, Philip,

          Dirk, and Claas were taken captive by the French and Indians, and taken to

          Canada; the following year they were redeemed.


NOTE 3599-Rebecca

     [FOMC] p 101-102 defaulted in Court of Fort Orange 12/19 February 1658


NOTE 3598/3599-1-Simon

     [ScFS] owned a lot on the North side of State Street, from Jan Baptist Van

Eps's lane-now Jay Street- to a point 250 feet eastwardly from the "Lange gang"-now Center Street.) ([SPHx] married after his return from captivity; village lot was on the north side of State street and extended from Jan Baptist Van Eps' lane [Jay Street] westerly to the American Hotel, 155 feet Amsterdam measure; he also had a parcel of wood and pasture ground on the north side of Union street, extending from the west line of the Presbyterian Church lot to the east line of the Harmanus Peek lot-23 rods, and extending in the rear 47 rods to Green street, containing one morgan and 481 rods, Rynland measure; in 1726 it was called Dirk Groot's pasture, -brother of Symon; in 1709 he leased of the town 36 acres of the "Third Flat" on the north side of the river


NOTE 3598/3599-10-Abraham

     [SPHx] several children by m2.; on 10 March 1706/07 the trustees of

          Schenectady conveyed to him and his brother Dirk,- to each

          one-half-fourteen  morgans of woodland, bounded west by the woodland of

          Barent Vrooman, south by the Niskayuna Path [Union street], east by the hill

         called Niskayuna  Bergh [College hill] to be measured north from the

         highway; htis parcel extended along the north side of Union street 96 rods

         Rynland measure or 1152 feet,- from a point 152 feet easterly from Fonda

         street to apoint 192  feet easterly from lot 187 Union street, or about half

         way up College Hill  and 87 1/2 rods in the rear, the parcel was divided into

         two equal portions  by an easterly and westerly line, Dirk taking the

         northerly half and Abraham the southly half lying along the street,

         subsequently Dirk sold his half to  Philip Liningston of Albany who on 24

         March 6/7 exchanged it for a parcel of 12 morgans on the Kallebergh, called

         the Varken's Kraal, owned by the town)


NOTE 3598/3599-11-Philip

     [ScFS] settled on North side of the Mohawk at Crane's Village; land

          inherited by his three sons) (SPHx] settled on the north side of the river

          at or near Crane's Village, then called Claas Graven's hoek, or by the

          natives "Adriucka"; his land-a portion of the original Cuyler's patent

          extended down to river, to Lewis' creek-see Sim's Hist Scho. Co)



1799-Janet Symons SCHEPNOES or Janet SIMONS or Jannitje (GROAT) SIMONS [LDSC]

     Dau. of Symon Symorse and Rebecca (DE TRIEUX) GROAT or Jan Jansen and


     b. 1623 in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC]

     m. 1798-Evert PELS-See PELS

     d. 2 September 1683 in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY [LDSC]


     ch.  See 1798-Evert PELS


NOTE 1799-Janet

     [LDSC] Janet Symons Schepnoes or Janet Simons also listed as dau. of

          Jan Jansen Schnoeps, b. est. 1597, m. Sarah Pietersen (b. est. 1601), d.      




     [UCHx] II: 149 Town of Hurley Officers in Earlier Years

               1722-Supervisor: Johannes Schepmoes

               1727-Heyning Kuerders: Johannes Schepmoes

               1737-Surveyors of Highways: William Schepmoes

          II: 150 Principal Town Officers

               Supervisors-1720: Johannes Schepmoes

          I: 187 Trustees of Kingston:

               1689-90 Dirck Schepmoes

               1701-02, 1706-07, 1708-09 Dirck Schepmoes

               1712-13, 1713-14, 1714-15, 1720-21 William Schepmoes

          I: 192 Conveyances 1688-1700 Kingston

               6 February 1688-Trustees to Dirck Schepmoes 62 3/4 acres bounded on

               north by Esopus Kill, southwest by bank of a hill, northwest by a run

               of water, and also another tract of 120 acres above

               13 February 1688-Trustees to Dirck Schepmoes a house and a lot in

               Kingston, to the east of the street by the church, to the west of the

               lot of Tuenisse Elysse, to the north of the new southmost street, to

               the south of the other street by the church

               27 February 1688-Dirck Schepmoes to the Deacons of the Dutch

               Reformed Church 2 house-lots in Kingston, to the east of the street by

               the church, to the west of the lot of Tuenis Elysse, to the north of the

               new Southernmost street, to the south of the other street by the church

               22 February 1692 Jan Williams to Dirck Schepmoes a tract of land lying

               to the north of Esopus Kill, or creek, to the east of a small run of

               water that comes out of the mill dam, etc.

               22 February 1692 Mortgage Dirck Schepmoes to Jan Willaim Houghtaling

          p 287 Muster roll-Third Company of Foot in Militia of Kingston

                    Captain Tjerck Dewitt: Dirck Schepmoes, Johannis Schepmoes






     1798 Everet PELS    1616 1686 Janet Simons        Holland;NY-Ulster

     899  Maria Pels     1655      Arien Roosa         NY-Ulster,Dutchess


1798-Evert PELS (Judge [VINK]) Van Steltyn [AlHx]

     b. 1616 in Stettin, Pomerana, Holland [LDSC]

     m. 15 December 1641 [LDSC] or 1642 [LDSC] in Kingston [LDSC] or Esopus

               (later Kingston) [LDSC], Ulster Co, NY, or in Holland [LDSC]

               1799-Janet/Jannetje [LDSC, UCHx, KMBR]/Jannatje [KiHx] Symons

               [LDSC]/Simons/Symens [UCHx, KMBR] Schepnoes [LDSC]/Schepmoes [KiHx]-see


          dau. of 3598-Symon Symorse and Rebecca (de TRIEUX) GROAT

     d. 29 June 1686 [LDSC] in Esopus (later Kingston), Ulster Co, NY [LDSC]


     ch.  m  Hendrick, b. ca. 1643/44 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m.

               (Indian) [LDSC]

          f  Jannetje, b. ca. 1646 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 21 October

               1663 [LDSC] Hendrick Cornelisse VAN NES, d. 16 November 1688 [LDSC]

          m  Evert Evertsjen, b. ca. 1648 [LDSC] in Papscannab NY [LDSC], m. 13     

             August [AlHx]/September [LDSC] 1670 in New York [AlHx], New York Co,

             NY  Brechtj [LDSC]/Breechtje [AlHx] ELSWAERT [LDSC]/ ELSWAERTS

             [AlHx], d. bef. 30 May 1678 [LDSC]

          f  Clara, chr. 10 September 1651 [LDSC] in Greenbush NY [LDSC] or in

               New Amsterdam NY [LDSC], m. 1671/72 [LDSC] in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY

               [LDSC] Gerrit Aartze [LDSC]/Aartsen [LDSC] Aertse [LDSC] VAN WAGNER

               [LDSC], d.in New York [LDSC]

          f *Maria

          f  Elizabeth, b. ca. 1657 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 1676

               [LDSC] in Old Dutch Church [LDSC], Kingston NY [LDSC] Joch


               d. in Kingston NY [LDSC]

          f  Sarah, b. 3 July 1659 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], chr. 3 July

               1659 [LDSC] in Kingston NY [LDSC], m. 25 February 1677 [LDSC] in Old

               Dutch Church [LDSC], Kingston NY [LDSC] Jacob Aertsen [LDSC]/Aertson

               [LDSC] VAN WAGENEN [LDSC] or Artse JACOBSEN [LDSC]

          f  Rebecca [LDSC]/Rabecca [KBMR], chr. 13 November 1661 [LDSC, KBMR]

                in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Esopus [LDSC] or Kingston [LDSC] NY, m. 9

               April 1684 [LDSC] in Albany, Albany Co, NY [LDSC] Jeronimus Hans


          m  Symon [LDSC]/Symen [KBMR], b. 1665 [LDSC] in Esopus NY [LDSC],

               chr. 29 March 1665 [LDSC, KBMR] in Old Dutch Church [KBMR], Kingston

               NY [LDSC], m. 1 January 1683 [LDSC] in Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY

               [LDSC] Martie [LDSC] or Margetjen Hendrix AERTSEN [LDSC]



NOTE 1798-Everet Pels

     [SPHx] bought a house and lot in Fort Orange from Jan Labatie, patened to

          him 12 April 1650 and owned by him 4 February 1661 (Albany Co Records


     [AlHx] p 58 mentioned as having a yacht in Albany Court Records

     [AlHx] III: 153 Genealogies of first settlers of Albany:

               Pels, Evert Van Steltyn, settled in Rensselaerswyck in 1642; was a

               brewer and erected a brewery in the Colonie; lived on Mill Creek in

               Greenbush; also owned a sloop on the river and a lot in Broadway

               Manathans which he sold in 1656; in 1657 he sent down to new

               Amsterdam 2100 beaver skins; his son Evert Evertse m. Breechtje

               Elswaerts in New York Aug. 13 1670. 

          III: 198 1652 patented to William Frederickse Bout; 1655 Evert

               Pels; 1661 Jerimaih Van Rensselaer; 1667 Theunis Dirkse lot on east

               side of Broadway, south of Division street to River (Patents 760;

               Albany County Records 292, 293)

               1652-5-67 patented to Sander Leendertse Glen; 1655 Evert Pels; 1661

               Jeremiah Van Rensselaer lot adjacent to above (Patents 492; Albany

               County Records 217, 293)

          III: 248 offered surity for Evert Nolden on 27 April 1659


          p 39 Evert Pels among those who precipitaed First Esopus War

               his son (not named) taken captive, adopted by Indians and may have

               married and stayed with Indians with descendents

          p 44 had a trading house near fort in Wiltwyck in 1661

          p 45-46 appointed as schepen with Elbert/Albert Heymanse Roosa and

               Cornelis Barentsen/Barentse Slecht

          p 47 Pels and Slecht were old settlers.  Pels lived on Mill Creek

               (now Greenbush), opposite Albany in 1641.  When the exodus from that

               neighborhood took place, he joined in and squatted on the north side of

               the Rondout or Ponckhochie Creek.  He came from Settin Germany and

               took for his spouse Jannetje Symens.  Kept a store in Wiltwyck for a few

               years and then moved again for Ponckhockie where he continued trade. 

               He left that for Albany.  By definition of the name is furred coat or

               petticoat.  It is anciently quite fashionable to trim coats and the

               bottom of petticoats with fur, hence Evert de Pels.

          p 48 List of Old Lots in Wiltwyck 1661: Evert Pels

               (Albany Rec xvi. 155, 157)

          p 61-62 Taxed to pay for parsonage for Kingston Church 1660:

                    tax of one rix dollar ((2 1/2 guilders)/morgan, payments

                         made in wheat, total cost 1202.96 dollars

                                                  mor  gl.  sw.

                         Evert Pels               36   90   00

          p 62 15 April 1661-received as members by attestation coming

                                   from Fort Orange

                         Evers Pels, removed

                         Jannetje Symens, his wife, r'm'd

          p 62 24 June 1661-members received      witness

                    Maritje Symens, removed       Jannetje Symens

          p 63-64 General Assembly delegates elected 31 march 1664

                    signed by Evert Pels

          p 66 Juriaen Westphael, Evert Pels and Nicholas Wilhelmus

                    Stuyvesant, son of Peter Stuyvesant, had occupied some land

                    claimed by English in Marbletown in 1670

          p 69-70 names of Male Inhabitants of Ulster Co in 1689

                    Those that did not appear for oath

                         Pelce          Euert


NOTE 1798-Everet Pels (continued)

          p 485 Pells: The Pells family find their ancestor in Evert

                    Pells.  He came to Albany in 1642.  He purchased land in Esopus in

                    1654 and within a few years thereafter settled upon them.  He

                    married Jannatje Schepmoes

     [KiHx] p 27 Evert Pels, Cornelis Barentse Slecht and Elbert Hymans

                    Roosa were by charter designated as the first board of schepens

     [FILB]Arrived New Netherlands 1620-1664      Ref  9135 page 10

                    New York State 1642                8360      137

                    New York,New York 1642  

                      with wife and several children   1898      426

                    New York, New York 1642 with wife  6306      440

                    New Netherlands (NY, NY) 1642

                      with wife and servent

     [NYHC] p 143-5 on 1 November 1651 the farm of Annetje Jans in New

          Amsterdam (Manhattan) was let to Evert Pels for 6 years from 1 May 1651 to

          1 May 1658, for a rental of 225 guilders and 30 pounds of butter


NOTE 1798/1799

     [KMBR] Baptisms

          2/10      Rebecca 13 November 1661

          4/55      Synen 29 March 1665


Pels-unclear which Pels

     [RiHx] Pells mentioned as one of Pioneers of "ye olde town" of Rhinebeck

          Pels also mentioned as one of the early sloop captains



899-Maria PELS

     Dau. of Evert and Janetje Symons (SCHEPNOES) PELS

     bap. 1655 [LDSC] in Greenbush NY [LDSC], chr. 1655 [LDSC] in Kingston,

          Ulster Co, NY [LDSC]

     m. Arien H ROOSA-See ROOSA

          son of Albert Heymans and Wyntie Arens (DE JONG) ROOSA

     d. in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, NY [LDSC]


     ch. See 898-Arien H ROOSA