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From Don Healy on December 13th, 2005:


Helen Beedle recently sent another box of Lynn's family memorabilia and I started to go through the material inside.  The photo below is one of the first things I came across.  It is still in the original cover provided by the photographer and is in excellent condition.



                                            Carol with children in May, 1922.  Lynn Simpson Beedle,

                                                       4 years, 5 months old; Carol Elizabeth Beedle. 3 years,

                                                       2 months old; Alive Virginia Beedle, 1 year, 7 months old;

                                                       and Jane Roby Beedle, 5 months old.




From Ella Beedle on December 12th, 2005:


The photographs below were included with Ella's Christmas card and are pictures of Lynn's tombstone.  What a wonderful tribute to Lynn and all that he accomplished during his lifetime!!!






From Teresa Haldorson on November 29th, 2005:


Here is Jessica's 2005 soccer picture (front teeth optional):






From Dick Beedle on November 23rd, 2005:


Dorothy and I are still in Portland (Brrr!) Here's why ..........

A strange thing happened while getting a routine physical at our primary care Doc here in Portland. She (our MD) felt that because of Dorothy's continuing re-occurrence of her temporary amnesia problem, (she had a momentary "blip" in July), that she needed to see a neurologist and have a CT scan of her brain and  neck areas to see if there were any residual abnormalities from that latest episode. All of those tests were negative, but the radiologist did see the upper tip of a shadow up near her collar bone on the right side. A CT scan of her right lung revealed a tumor at the very top of the upper lobe, approx. 1 1/4 X 2". On 11/10 a broncoscoposy sample of the tumor tested positive for cancer, however a full body PET scan showed no cancer cells anywhere else. Surgery took place on Thursday 11/13. All tests of the lymph nodes in her lung were negative, and her in-hospital recovery went very well. Brought her home to Joyce's the following Monday where she has been doing extremely well; walking a lot, resting well, doing her breathing exercises like a good girl and all the while imparting to me the rudiments of Care-giving 101 ......................... and being more concerned about those around her than about her own wellbeing. It figures. See the oncologist next Mon, the surgeon on the following Mon. The surgeon has previously said that we could prob'ly head south then. We're hoping so.


Marilyn was here during the hosp stay. Joyce Wes and Wiley have been great! The medical team at Providence was astoundingly on the ball and caring. We've never had such great medical attention ..... and

we've seen a lot of it this past year .............

None of this woulda happened if they hadn't wanted to look at her noggin and because Dorothy had no symtoms and really was feeling good, the tumor wouldn't have been discovered .............. if she had had any symtoms it woulda been too late.

Aren't we fortunate?
Serendipity to the utmost ..................





From Vanessa Hildebrand on November 18th, 2005:


Dear Liz and Don,
Thank you for keeping this large family connected with information and a great

All is well here. We just found a babysitter for Simone and a friend's baby so
I am starting to get real work done on my dissertation. I will present some of
my dissertation data at the national Anthropology meeting in December. It is
exciting but a scary too. This is the first time I'll be really public about
what it is that I've been trying to do with the research for so many years. Lee
is busy putting together the interactive computer model of his ethnographic
research. I keep suggesting that he turn it into a video game. It is great fun
to play with. He is enjoying his work and teaching his courses in the evenings.

Simone is as busy and fun as ever. She is on the cusp of walking. She
says "mama," "dada," "baby" and I think that she said "kitty cat"...but we
haven't had a repeat yet so I'm not sure. She gives wonderful baby-style kind
of kisses. We sure do love being parents.

Love to you and your family,




From Emily Hildebrand on November 17th, 2005:


Hello from Tuebingen Germany.  We have finally found an apartment and moved in on Halloween (Leo dressed up as a woods nymph for the occasion.  The apartment is great, big and sunny and centrally located so I can have my studio at home and we don't need a car.  Plus the apartment is practically across the stress from the Volkholshule, where I take intensive German lesson every morning so I only have to stumble out the door when I hear the bells in the church across the park strike 8:30 (a great improvement over having to catch the bus at 7:30 at our temporary apartment across Tuebingen). 

We are really enjoying living here at the moment, we even went to see an art show last weekend that was really good, so all is well.  Mostly we just miss friends and family but we are hoping to get back for some visiting in the spring and my parents and brother are coming for Christmas so that will be a nice infusion of family.  Plus we are getting a web cam so we can do video conferencing so if you have one let us know and we can Dial you up and have a chat.  I hope that you are well! 

Much love to you,
Emily ( and the gang)


From Johanna Klein on November 13th, 2005:


Dear friends and family,

After a great past four months in Manila, I've updated my website
(www.johannaklein.com) with some info about my work at ADB, and some
pictures from recent trips.  If you're interested in checking out a
little bit of life in this part of the world, take a look!

I hope everyone is doing very well and enjoying life to the fullest.
All the best,




From Page Douglas, Carol Stoye and Laurie Parker on November 12th, 2005:


Don,  More pictures taken today at the Japanese Rock Garden FYI






From Laurie Parker on November 11th, 2005:


Hi Don,


Carol and I are up in LO visiting Dad for the weekend.  We stopped at Williamette National Cemetery on our way home from the airport and visited Mom's gravesite.  The weather held during our visit so I took a couple of shots while there.  The first one shows the garden-like area and the second is of the bridge nearby and picture of the marker.  Have a great weekend.








From Don Healy on November 5th, 2005:


Liz and I had a wonderful trip touring Rome and Southern Italy.  We are now over jet-lag and have had a chance to edit the numerous photos that we took, a few of which are shown below.  We did learn that if you wish to view Greek ruins in remarkably good condition, Sicily is the place to see them, as well as the remnants of numerous other civilizations that choose to inhabit Sicily during the past 2500 years.  The people of Sicily are wonderfully gracious (except when driving), and the scenery and history is fabulous.








From Kit Healy on October 31st, 2005:



Hi Everyone,


Or, rather, Boo Everyone!


We had a reasonably active Halloween evening with 21 visitors (7 boys and 14 girls) all dressed in impressive costumes. One year we had close to 90 but in recent years its been in the 20 – 30 range. Thanks to my trusty duck hat…Thanks Liz and Don!...and a yellow T shirt,  I came up with my own version of a costume.




 We just returned last night from N. Carolina where Melinda had been staying with her mother for the past few weeks. The weather was beautiful, however, the fall foliage color change has not yet occurred in its usual spectacular splendor in the Carolinas or even in Tennessee or Kentucky. However Iowa is not doing too badly as evidenced by the trees in our front yard. 




Next weekend we’ll be joining Melinda’s sister, Bettina on a quick trip to Colorado to visit Melinda’s youngest sister, Melissa, and her husband Ricardo and their two daughters Sophia and Alina. Melissa’s birthday is Sunday, Nov. 6th .    Melissa will be celebrating her 29th birthday… as do all her sisters and her mother no matter what year it may happen to be. Bettina will stay for the week but Melinda and I will be returning on Tuesday.


Happy Fall Everyone and Take Care!

 Kit and Melinda



From Page Douglas on October 25th, 2005:


Today (Oct 25) there was a very nice ceremony held in front of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center (LOACC) to dedicate a new beautiful Japanese Rock Garden in memory of Virginia Douglas. The garden was a team effort by the Lake Grove Garden Club and the City of Lake Oswego which donated the land in front of the LOACC as well as much heavy equipment to lift and carefully place the large rocks necessary for most Japanese gardens. Dick and Dorothy Beedle and Page Douglas from the family as well as our family friend Kim Hawkins attended.  A quote from the LOACC News written by Debra Carline (executive director) follows:

"If you haven't noticed it by now, you must stop by the Center to see the labor of volunteers from Lake Grove Garden Club. A few months ago, I was approached by a member of the garden club wanting to donate something to the Center in memory of a garden member who was also a very dedicated volunteer at the Center. The idea of a Japanese Rock Garden was thrown in the hat. Well, the rest is history and as a result the garden members hosted a dedication of this new garden on October 25th in memory of Virginia Douglas."




From Teresa Haldorson on September 25th, 2005:




J's spring Tball picture. Lauren after enjoying lots of blackberries. And C&T at the NYC library gala. 
Just making sure the new scanner/printer works and catching up on picture sending. Love, T  




From Ellen Frost on September 24th, 2005:


Hi all:

Kirkland had his Eagle Court of Honor on September 10, 2005.  His Grandpa Douglas was here to give him his charge.  Kirkland presented Dad with a small eagle pin that can be worn anytime that dad wants people to know he too is an eagle. 

Enclosed is a picture of the three eagles  Page Douglas 1936,   Jeff Frost 1975, and Kirkland Frost  2005.


 We also displayed the three different badge sashes, from the different years
The middle eagle on the table is made from scout socks. When a kid has 18 pairs of them.  I could not resist.

 The black and white on the wall behind the badge sashes, are photos of dad at different times in his scout career, here is one of them, dad is left of center, if you cannot identify that Douglas look. 


                                        Grandpa Douglas giving Kirkland his Charge



From Don Healy on September 21st, 2005:


David Healy has created a website ( http://www.califelectprotect.net/ ) to advance  accountability and insure that a paper trail is an integral part of the voting process in the state of California, a cause that Sherry has been involved in for several years.


There is a petition to sign for SB 370 (if you live in CA) on the website.

Please check it out.


From Don Healy on September 21st, 2005:


Just to share with you, over time, we are receiving more and more inquiries or comments reqarding our family history from folks that have been searching the internet for genealogical information.  The power of the internet search engine and its utility in such ventures is quite amazing.  Here is a recent example from a gentleman in Orland, California.  His suggested correction has been made.


"Dear Sir,


A copy of Lynn S. Beedle's obituary in the New York Times has come to my attention. Someone noted that Dr. Beedle was born in Orland, CA, and this was a surprise to the one who first noted the birth location in the NYC paper.


As a "local historian," I often get questions about local personalities and had not heard of Dr. Beedle. Although I have not perused the total website, I did want to point out a simple inaccuracy.


In the Granville & Carol Beedle Family Photographs - Page 1, there is a photo with the caption "Last Residence in Orland, 521 2nd Ave, Photo taken 7 December 1920."


This address is incorrect.  It should be 521 2nd Street. My parents moved to Orland in the early 1930s and built a house two lots to the north of 521. I grew up in this neighborhood in the 1940s and 50s and was in the house at 521 many times when it was owned by C.F. Johns.  Our address was 509 Second Street.


I would be very interested in any information about the Orland years of the Beedle family. You can be assured that it will be appreciated and reviewed with great interest.


All the best,


Gene H. Russell, Ed.D.

123 Central Street

Orland, CA  95963


Editor, Wagon Wheels

Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society"




From David Healy on August 24th, 2005:


Here is the flyer that promotes Sherry Healy's play, "How To Maintain Our Democracy's

Optimal Health." in it's first run in Venice, California.  Sherry wrote the play to heighten

awareness regarding the lack of accountability in the handling of election

returns in California and many other states.







From Joyce Beedle on August 22nd, 2005:


Hello, hello, hello!!!

The enthusiastic consensus around my family is definitely Yes
next year too!!  Even after the blush of the moment, Jamesy,
Wiley, Wes and I are all up for fun with "The cousins" et al

Thanks to all for the great heart connection.

We had 3 days at home and then WHOSH we were out the door
again for another camping adventure.  This one was with
friends from around here and only about 35 minutes and 20
miles from home.  Really pretty woods which happens to have
some of the biggest (maybe THE biggest) old growth timber in
Oregon and right on the Sandy river.  There are little rapids
that are fun for 10 year olds to paddle their own kayak
through which is about an hour....

We didn't have a group site and man o man did I notice the

I loved hanging in camp together at Honeyman and swapping
food, stories, camraderie (sp?) and songs and silliness and
laughter.  Heck I loved the whole thing at Honeyman.

Jamesy and Wiley both said we just needed another day
because there were so many people and they didn't get
enough time with all the individuals.  They told me I need to
be first to arrive and last to leave at next years "Family
Reunion"...  Kids me the best excuse to work less!!!  I love it!!!

Chuckes and Hugs to all, Cousin Joyce




From Don Healy on August 17th, 2005:


A detailed and enthralling account of the roles played by Benjamin, Sylvester and Samuel

Simpson in early Oregon history is contained on the Oregon Historical Website:  http://www.historycooperative.org/journals/ohq/105.4/lau.html



From Don Healy on August 16th, 2005:


Thank you Joyce Beedle and Teresa Haldorson for planning such a wonderful family reunion!!! Everything was perfect; the weather, the location, the food, the conversation, the singing, the swimming, hiking on the dunes, kayaking, and most importantly, all the fantastic family and friends that  showed up to make it possible.  Thanks also to Shirley of the Oregon Parks Department who made it possible for us to all be assembled together in group campsite B.


By consensus, it was decided that we should plan to do the same thing next year at the same place but one week earlier.  So please mark your calendars accordingly.


We had a total of 35 attendees.  On Sunday evening Margaret (Kaye) Rynhart and her daughter Charlotte showed up and we celebrated Margaret's birthday (somewhere in the eighties).  Margaret is an old family friend from the Hollywood days.  Margaret's mother was Lynn's and Carol's piano teacher, and it was Margaret that introduced Dorothy to Dick.


Here's a run down of all who made it:  Page, Carol S., Marty, Ian, Penny, Grant, Analyse, Jewel, Laurie, Brad Joyce, Wes, Wiley, James, David, Sherry, Onwyn, Thatcher Dick, Dorothy, Carol H., Marilyn, Liz, Don, Teresa, Curt, Jessica, Lauren, Kirk, Garrett, Alec, Tim, Kim, Margaret and Charlotte, and let's not forget Poochini who entertained us all with his heroics.





From Carol Stoye on August 15th, 2005:


what a great time!!!!!  thank-you to everyone for all the energies to get
this honeyman project off the ground and soaring.  marty and i were home
in 12 hours.  the drive was very easy, with only the usual sunday
afternoon/evening crawl from the nut tree at vacaville to our turnoff at
highway 12.  we did take the rest of the day (night?) to savor the
this morning the washing machine is going all out, the "big guy" has been
emptied of honeyman "stuff", going to get his oil changed, and then
repacking for alaska begins.
got the 2006 calendar out to put 2nd annual honeyman on the schedule.
please keep us posted on that project.
again thanks and love to all.
cj and marty




From Laurie Parker on August 15th, 2005:


Hello all,
Brad & I made it to Dixon, CA Sunday night about 9:30 p.m.  Had a beautiful
long drive there.  Spent Sunday night at his mom's and then on home this
afternoon.  We had a GREAT time and enjoyed visiting with you all.  August
3-7 is blocked off for next year.

Check out this picture.  Do most people seemed concerned with the time or
did I miss something?



Thanks again to Joyce & Teresa for putting this all together.

Love to you all,



From Johanna Klein, on August 12th, 2005:


Dear friends and family,

As most of you know, I recently graduated from b-school and moved to
Manila to work at the Asian Development Bank.  It's been a fun and
hectic past six weeks here, and I thought I'd at this point pass along
my Philippine contact details.  Relevant info:

-- Email: johannaklein@post.harvard.edu, johannaklein@gmail.com
-- Cell phone:  +63-917-525-5720
-- Skype name / phone #: johklein / 1-617-934-0283
-- Address: 24B Galleria Regency Condominium, Ortigas Avenue corner
ADB Avenue, Quezon City 1100, Metro Manila, Philippines

If anyone's in the area (a term I've started defining very, very
broadly), and feels like a trip to Manila, visiting hours are on 24/7
and you'd be most welcome.  I hope everyone's doing wonderfully and is
enjoying the summer.  Manila is hot, work is great, and I'm having a
lot of fun - updates to come at some point soon on my website.

All the best,




From Ellen Frost on July 31st, 2005:




 I won't be attending the digs at Honeyman.  My two will have just finished their work at camp and need picking up that weekend.   Jeff and I very proud of Kirkland's accomplishment this summer.  This makes the third generation Eagle Scout in the family.  My dad, Jeff and now Kirkland.  Only about 4 per cent of scouts make it to this rank.  Many have heard of the tragedies that have been happening to scouts this summer.  The accident at Jamboree is all that has made the news over shadowing the positive things that have happend.   Jean starts school on the 19th.  She will be attending UOP   The University of the Pacific in Stockton as a Fine Arts major.   Currently Jean is working at her beloved Camp Winton as a lifeguard, but she is also the second Medic on staff.  She completed and passed an EMT class this past spring.   I am enclosing a picture of her as well teaching CPR to a bunch of scouts.  How did Jeff and I spend our vacation.  With 200 Boy Scouts, primitive conditions, but on the upside a beautiful lake and great sailing. 




Kirkland; now an Eagle Scout.


Kirkland at Arlington National Cemetery.  Kirkland was part of an honor guard

in a ceremony laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


Jean at graduation under the now famous Sundial Bridge, there is a small

amphitheatre under the spire.




From Dorothy Beedle on July 16th, 2005:


The Dick Beedles are presently having our RV attended to.  Pretty exciting, because I hadn't made any plans for a northern trip.  Dick is presently getting over an ear infection.  Nothing really slows him down, it just makes me a little anxious. His activities here in the park remain the same  ( golf every AM, volley ball every PM)..We just have been a little slow in making any plans. 


We hope to be in Honeyman, but, have not made a reservation, as yet.  I have an old classmate who lives nearby, so I am not concerned about a place to park.


I have recently been going over OLD slides.  Our 1980 reunion in La Grande was on one of the carousels.  I am bringing the projector, screen and slides for anyone who is interested in looking at some ancient history.


The meals at that reunion were much as you have all described.  Breakfast and lunch on your own, dinner all together.  It sounds wonderful and we do hope to join all of you.


With luck we will leave the desert this next week sometime.  La Grande will be our first stop, then on to Portland and the coast. 


See you soon







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