HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!




From Emily Hildebrand on May 15th, 2008:


Hello Family,

As you all know this past Saturday was Beatrice Oona's 1st birthday!  We celebrated with a party in the park, here is the link to some photos.....


We can hardly believe that a year has already passed, amazing.  Bea is walking everywhere, climbing the stairs (yikes), eating everything we eat, talking a lot and sometimes coming out with something that sounds like an English word.  She follows her brother all around watching his every move and trying to play his games.  Which he sometimes loves and sometimes says "Mama, I am playing a specific game please take her away!"  but then there are also times like yesterday when they were playing and he asked Mitch if he could wipe away his tears and when Mitch asked , why do you have tears?  Leo said "I was crying because I love Bea so much".  Bea is trying to color and driving the little car around and loves it when we all go on bike rides.  She will often pull out her bike helmet and ask us to put it on her and walk around the house looking like a little explorer.  Oh, she is doing so much these days, everyday something new.  I guess I will end the year one update list with playing on the playground behind our house.  She especially loves the slide. 

I just snuggle her as much as possible trying to imprint the memory of this sweet little body into me.  

We send our love to you all,




From Emily Hildebrand on April 24th, 2008:


Here are our latest photos (the Easter holiday and in the Spring 2008 folders).  If you already saw the Easter holiday folder look again because  I went through and added a lot more to what Mitch had already put up.  There is a great one of Leo at one of the castles near our house in the falling snow.  For our Easter holiday Mitch's brother Russ came to visit us and we went on a driving trip across northern Italy.  Sadly we have consumed all of the wine, cheese, and biscotti from the trip,  I guess we will have to go back.... 

All is well here,  Bea is walking and keeping us one our toes, she is a delightful little being even when she is in the business of unloading everything from all of the shelves in the house.  Leo is thrilled to be riding a real peddle bike and rides it everywhere.  We couldn't ask for a more wonderful big brother.  They both seem to enjoy each other immensely.  I will figure out how to upload some little video clips of them.  But in the mean time here is the link to the photos...


Slowly slowly spring is coming and trees are blooming, every few days we will have a sunny non rainy day and it seems like all of Germany is out basking in the sun.  I feel like we are iguanas crawling out to sun ourselves.  Well, Bea is down for her morning nap and Leo is staying home from Kindergarten today and I promised to make a "real horse that moves" with him.  So, I have to go figure that one out... Papier mache?  wood?  maybe this one is wire a la Calder.  Anyhow, I hope you are all well, sending lot of love! 

Oh, there is something wrong with our calling card so I haven't been able to call so leave your Skype open and I will call on that instead. 

xo, Emily




From Don Healy on March 13th, 2008:


We are back from our wanderings around the Southwest.  Alissa and Marc provided the link to the web site that contains the pictures of their wedding.  It was a great event and we thank all who were able to attend as well as those who sent their best wishes. 




From Don Healy on January 23rd, 2008:


Marc and Alissa's wedding on the 19th went off without a hitch and a great time seemed to be had by all.  The family get-togethers before and after were wonderful as well and on Monday morning with everyone gone, the house seemed awfully empty.  Being parents of the bride, Liz and I didn't have much time to take photographs, but David took some excellent shots which are or his website




When we get the official photos, we will post some of those as well.  Enjoy!!!!




From Peter and Nancy Hildebrand on January 11th, 2008:


Peter and Nancy sent an announcement of Nancy's upcoming ordination ceremony as a priest in the Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. on January 19th, 2008.  A copy of the announcement is included below.  (I believe the family now has an east coast Episcopal priest and a west coast Epicopal priest (Jeff Frost), so we are well covered.)  Congratulations Nancy!!!






From Don Healy on January 1st, 2008:


Happy New Year!!!!!!  Also wanted to let you know that the pictures of Monique and Heath Montgomery's wedding are now available at:




You will need to create an account, but there are approximately 1000 pictures to view and you can also order any that you might wish to have copies of.




From Carol Stoye.  The photos below were included with her Christmas letter for 2007:



Proud Grandma Carol, mother Amanda and Isaac, age 10 months taken on November 10th, 2007.  He appears to be doing very, very well for a young man who choose to enter this world in a bathtub!!!

(For Carol's full story, see entry of February 9th, 2007, lower on this page)



From Kirk Beedle on November 24th, 2007:


In the early part on Nov we celebrated my granddaughter Ali’s first birthday. The pictures are of Ali enjoying her birthday cup cake, daughter Keri preparing food for Ali while she checks out Garrett’s burger, Ali being held by her dad Jacob and my son Jeff and I.

Good times had by all!





From Peter Hildebrand on November 24th, 2007:


The latest photo of Miss Beatrice.





From Don Healy on November 17th, 2007:


Life has settled down a bit and courtesy of brother Kit's photographic efforts we were able to come up with a few photographs on Monique and Health's wedding as well as the wonderful get-togethers that occur as a result of such occurrences.  A complete set of the wedding photos will be available in another month or so (perhaps the middle of December) at www.pictage.com.  We will keep you posted.











From Don Healy on November 11th, 2007:


It seems that the family has been very busy recently in wonderful ways.  On Saturday the 3rd, Monique and Heath Montgomery were united in marriage in a beautiful ceremony in Seattle, Washington.  About 100 people were in attendance at the rehearsal dinner on Friday night and at the wedding and reception on Saturday.  Many of the Montgomery clan and friends came up from the Santa Barbara area and from our family, Kit, Jane, David, Sherry, Onwyn, Thatcher, Page, Joyce, Wes and Wiley came from out of town, and all of the local folks added to the festivities.  The party broke up about midnight and a wonderful time was had by all.  Copies of the pages from the wedding program are included below.  Congratulations and best wishes to Monique and Heath!!!




(Monique and Heath have informed us that a link will be provided to a website containing their wedding pictures when they become available.)




Also of a matrimonial note we have this wedding announcement for Alissa Healy and Marc Mittelsteadt from the  The Observer in La Grande, Oregon published on October 20th, 2007.  Congratulations to Alissa and Marc!!!






And from Ella Beedle we received this flyer regarding the musical presentations of Helen and Jonathan Beedle.





From Alissa Healy on August 24th, 2007:


Below is the link to our wedding website.  It is in its very early stages,
but we promise to get more information updated as soon as things slow down a
little bit.  :)

Love, A


Alissa (Aly) Healy



From Holly Beedle on August 24th, 2007:


Hi Friends and Family,
I thought you all would be interested....
Samantha, my sister who is  fabulous actress, will be performing at the Asbury Park Convention Hall Paramount Theatre the weekend of Aug 24th at 7:30 pm, 25 at 7:30 pm, and 26th a 2 pm in  "Parallel Lives". If you would like more information, please check out...
Hope to see you there. We are planning to go to the Saturday and/or Sunday showing. Let me know if any of you decide to go.
Best Wishes,



From Kirk Beedle on August 18th, 2007:


Here are a few more pictures from the continuation of the ‘Gathering’ at Joyce and Wes’. It was a bit smaller group than the previous weekend. Our time was filled with wall climbing, rafting/kayaking on the Clackamas River, riding bicycles, rafting/kayaking on the Sandy River and camping at Ox Bow County Park. Good times had by all.

After our time with the Wolfe Clan the boys and I spent a long weekend in Kingston WA. with their auntie and uncle, bumping around the north eastern Olympic peninsula. We did some kayaking on a small bay on Marrowstone Is. It was a cool foggy morning that greeted us and we watched it develop into a glorious day as we paddled around the anchored boats.

Good to hear Page is heading home.

Love Kirk & the boys.


                   Kirk's pictures have been added to the 2007 Family Reunion page. ________________________________________________________________________________________


From Peter Hildebrand on August 17th, 2007:


This is a part of an email that Peter sent that contained updates as well on Emily, Mitch, Leo and Bea:


I hope this finds you two doing well. We’re fine, even though we have recently been enjoying the best heat and humidity that Washington DC can throw at us. At least the peak heat of the summer has passed and we are getting cool days every once in a while. Our children are fine – you can see Emily’s continuing pictures of their family and life in Tuebingen at: http://picasaweb.google.com/emilyhildebrand/Summer2007.




From Don Healy on August 15th, 2007:


Hello All:


I talked with Page this morning and he is doing well and looking forward to being home tomorrow if they release him as planned.    He has been getting some "walker practice" in and covered over a quarter of a mile yesterday.  They have completed some additional tests during the past week which confirmed the original tests in that there was no bleeding.  His voice is strong and his balance is improving.  He commented that these rehabilitation facilities are very noise and it is difficult to get a good nights sleep, so home is sounding very good about now.


Thanks, Don



From Joyce Beedle on August 13th, 2007:


He's (Page) going home on Thursday!!  Met with he and the social worker today.
  He does look fabulous!  He's so lucky to have Kim (Of the Ims); she is really a
gift from heaven.  Kim will get him home on Thurs.  I will be in touch
to keep things smooth at home.
cousin Joyce.


From Don Healy on August 10th, 2007:


We all had a wonderful time at the reunion organized and hosted by Joyce and Wes at their home in Portland.  The attendees included Page; Dick and Dorothy; Carol, Liz and Myself; Teresa, Curt, Jessica and Lauren; Ian, Penny, Analise and Jewel, and of course, Joyce, Wes and Wiley.  Kirk, Garrett and Alec composed the second wave and arrived just after we departed.  It was great to catch up on the happenings in each of the family groups.  What a wonderful and caring family we a fortunate to be apart of!!!!! 


With camping, babysitting and Girl Scout Day Camp obligations immediately following the reunion, it took a while to get the pictures organized, but you may now view them at the link below.  If you have others to add, please email them to me.


                                              2007 Family Reunion



From Don Healy on August 8th, 2007:


Hello All:

I want to let you know that Page Douglas suffered a minor stroke last Friday.  I just got off the phone with him and he is doing very well and as one would expect is in excellent spirits and keeping the staff quite entertained.  Apparently the stroke was a very small one and the doctors we're unable to find any evidence of a bleed which is very good news.  Page spent two days in the hospital and is now at a rehabilitation center in Tigard, Oregon.  He is having some difficulty with balance when walking as a result of weakness on his left side, but is able to get around with a walker.  He indicated that his stay at the rehabilitation center is on a day-by-day basis.


Page requested that I not post the phone number for the rehabilitation center at this time because the phone is not too easy to get to.  Joyce, Dick and Dorothy are close by as are Page's close friends the "Ims".




From Don Healy on July 23rd, 2007:


Hello All: 


Liz and I recently took a 10-day trip down the Washington and Oregon coastline, staying at state parks and taking photos of birds along the way.  While at Cape Disappointment at the southern tip of Washington we took this photo of a flock of Pelicans in flight.  Being slight backlit it had the most interesting, almost surreal effect.




We will see some of you at the get-together at Wes and Joyce's this coming weekend, and will add some pictures covering the event here when we return.


Our best to all!!!!




From Emily Hildebrand on July 5th, 2007:


Hi all,

I just put up more photos on our website  http://picasaweb.google.com/emilyhildebrand/Summer2007  and as you can see Bea is getting chubby (Mitch calls it the fat transfer).  Anyhow, we are all well  and I hope that you are also!

Much love,



Updated Invitation from Joyce Beedle on July 2, 2007:


Greetings to all the descendants of Granville and Carol Beedle!

Here's an opportunity for spontaneity and family comradery.

From Sat July 28th thru Aug 5th join in some summer-time family fun in Portland, Oregon hosted by and at the home of Wes Wolfe and Joyce Beedle.

Mom & Dad (Dick & Dorothy Beedle) will be here in their RV.


We hope to do the following daytime activities and cook outside at night:


     kayak on nearby rivers
     bike on nearby bikepaths

     walk thru nearby Leach Botanical Garden (1 mile from our house)

     swim in nearby swimming hole on Clackamas River (12 min drive away,

            cold & clear)

     hike to top of Multnomah Falls (30 min drive in The Columbia Gorge)

     play Volley Ball Wed night in our field with gang of friends that

            comes every Wed

     camp overnight at Oxbow County Park (40 minute drive from our house)

             (we'll go camping Fri Aug 4 thru Sun Aug 2)


Visiting relatives can sleep inside in a couple spare beds or on the floor, outside in tents, or in vans, campers etc parked along our dead-end dirt road. (We don't have many neighbors and we do have lots of roadside parking.)

We'd really enjoy getting the Granville & Carol Beedle descendents together. Hope you can join us!!!

Love, Laughs, and Hugs, Joycey


Please email or call Joyce directly if possible.



T1: Ellen Frost
T2: June 30, 2007
B1: Submit


Happy Anniversary Brad and Laurie! Jeff and I just got back from the Tahoe Basin and things are finally cooling down. It was a series of minor miracles the whole adventure. We came home to Redding on the 25th, with the clothes we had on and our kayaks. Jeffs project that he was working on was back at the cabin on his laptop. Tuesday we were told while talking to volunteers that it was okay to come back up, we should be able to get back in. We did this, that was the day the fire jumped containment and everything shut down again. Even calling in route the information line kept saying we should be able to get our stuff out. Landed in Tahoma at a lovely B&B. The highway was closed from about there south. While chatting with the sheriff that was blocking the highway, we are recognized by a person that had attended the chapel on the 24th. She invites us to come over to her cabin. Since we were already checked in, we said let us figure this out tomorrow. Starting Wednesday we were at Bev's cabin and then her next door neighbors on Rubicon Bay. Steve the neighbor wanted a house sitter to discourage the bear in the area and he too was a good Episcopalian. The information powers that be kept telling us soon, but Fallen Leaf was the last area to be reopened. Probably because the road in has not been widen since it was built circa 1920. All the wind storm predicted for Wednesday and Thursday did not happen, this gave the crews a chance to get on top of things. Friday the winds did pick up, but not to the extreme expected all good things. This morning we were allowed in and are now back at home feeling fortunate. There were many who lost much, we just were inconvienced. I am very thankful for that. Knowing where we stay and that it is on the west side of Angora RIdge and that part is very steep. It was known that if the fire jumped it would have been allowed to consume anything in its way towards Fallen Leaf Lake, the terrain is that steep. We are thankful it did not and am now home to get on with summer. We also both appreciate the kindness of strangers. Bev threw a mini dinner party on Wednesday night and introduced us to the neighbors. It was an odd feeling to be having fun while there was a fire so close. While gone a small fire errupted west of Redding. It was quickly put out. I fear this will be one of our hot summers, and it is so dry out there. The rain really did not happen this year.




T1: Ellen Frost
T2: June 25, 2007
B1: Submit


Yeah they are a burning. Jeff and I returned from our annual retreat to Fallen Leaf Lake in the Tahoe Basin. Currently the only thing we brought back with us was our kayaks and the clothes we had on. In order to avoid a wedding at the chapel in Fallen Leaf. We do this when Jeff is not the officiant because the brides can be so picky about the backgrounds in the wedding shots and it is a primitive chapel. The manse being next door. Anyway we left to paddle on Lake Tahoe and had put in and noticed a plume of smoke on the ridge. It looked pretty far away. It wasn't by the time we came back in we had been evacuated and could not get to our things at the manse. The only way the serious officers would allow us to travel was to Tahoe City 60 miles away. We spent the night there only to learn that all the highways into South Tahoe and or Fallen Leaf were closed. What we currently know is that the manse and chapel are still there and if the winds do not pick up again, it should still be there and we will have to travel back up there to get our stuff. We are normally up there for 14 days. We came back to Redding this afternoon Before that excitement we were able to do some serious paddling on Fallen Leaf, we did the length of the lake up and back, so about 8 miles. We also went over to Camp Winton on the Bear River Resevoir and paddled in from the dam and helped the scouts set up their sailboats and than on evacuation day we paddled from Baldwin Beach up to Emerald Bay. The wind should have given us a clue, it was 35 mph. Jean has returned to work at Camp Winton, her plans for classes this summer fell through. Kirkland graduated on June 7th from Anderson New Technology HIgh School and is currently working at the local Y as a lifeguard. He is now mumbling about maybe going up to Winton to work a couple of weeks. I love the teen age mind. Kirk and the boys visited us this year and Garrett and Alec caught enough trout to give us dinner one night, YUM Jeff and I are watching the fire reports to see if we will be able to go back and get our stuff. He left his laptop up there with the project he was working on. He could redo, but would love to just have it. I am back in my Masters program as of July and who knows what happens next ELLEN




From Kirk Beedle on May 31st, 2007:


This retirement gig is pretty easy to get used to. I’ve been working with the grade 4 students in Garrett’s class in their science labs. It has been a joy to do that. The kids are about finished with school for the year. Recently child author Jonathon Rand of the “American Chiller” series visited their school and signed his books at a local bookstore. Garrett was a participant in the ‘String Concerto’ and has indicated he would like to continue the violin next year.

Along with volunteering at the school I’ve been working away on the landscaping at home and getting the pool ready for some summer fun. This summer looks to be busy with the kids attending camp, and a trip to Yellowstone. In between we’ll spend time on the local lakes fishing and kayaking!

Life is Good.

Love Kirk





From Marilyn Knight on May 15th, 2007:


Justin Knight will be graduating from La Grande High School on June 2nd, 2007. 

Here is Justin's graduation announcement and a picture of the proud graduate. 

Way to go Justin!!!





From Mitch Levesque on May 14th, 2007:


Hello all,

We have good news here... our beautiful Beatrice Oona was born at 3am on May 10th! 

She was a whooping 9 lbs 13 oz, and 23 inches long!  We are all healthy and happy. 

Here is a link to the photos...





From Don Healy on April 17th, 2007:


Liz and I just returned from ten days of birding in the Bend and Burns areas of

Northeast Oregon.  When we checked our email we found that Jonathan Beedle

had located several photos from Lynn's collection of slides and photos and send

two of them along.  It sounds as though some others may soon be following.

See if these bring back some memories!!!




p.s.  Jonathan's title was, "I wish I still had that sweater."




From Alissa Healy on March 3rd, 2007:


I have some very exciting news to share with everyone...I'm engaged to my awesome fiance, Marc Mittelsteadt!  He finally  arrived stateside on February 23rd, having been in Afghanistan for a year with the ARMY.  Not more than five minutes into his homecoming, he dropped down on one knee and proposed in the middle of the gym at their welcome home festivities.  I was absolutely shocked, excited and blown away with emotion as I said "of course, yes"!  He is still stationed in CA until June of this year, but after that, he's headed home to WA, where we'll stay put for a while.  No wedding date has been set yet, but we do know it will be sometime in 2008. 






From Holly (Beedle) Wachinski on March 2nd, 2007:


Dear Friends,

As you all know I have a new fabulous job at new york & company as their handbag designer.
Take advantage of our totally amazing sale we are having this weekend. 50% off the entire store until Sunday!!!

For all you living in the bethelem area... the promenade has a great new store and there is one in the Lehigh Valley Mall.

Below is the website! Happy Shopping.

Best Wishes and Enjoy the weekend!



From Carol Stoye on February 9th, received February 13th, 2007:


February 09, 2007 Dear Don and Liz,

I thought you might enjoy the photos of the newest member of the clan and the story behind the story of the ALL-STAR GAME.

With a due date of O 1 Feb, Amanda had decided her last day of work before starting her vacation/maternity leave would be 25 January. It was the holiday party for the office as no one has time during budget season for a holiday party in December. All through the day, Amanda had been experiencing contractions, but not enough to announce to her that labor might be underway. After enjoying a very nice lunch, she decided about 3:30 that things were progressing, so she called Jason at his work to take her home and they would get ready to go to South Sacramento Kaiser from there. Home is about a 30-45 minute drive and back to Kaiser would be about the same.

Well, by the time they got home, things were really under way and getting to Kaiser was not going to happen. The next thing we know, Amanda (who was in the bathtub with a few inches of warm water to help relax through the contractions) is on her hands and knees and Jason is delivering his son. At that point he managed to make a call to 9-1-1. The friendly voice on the other end of the line talked him through tying off the umbilical cord and shortly thereafter the first EMT arrived. In the next few minutes, the family was hosting 6 or 7 EMTs in their bedroom bath area. All was well with everybody and after Jason was instructed to cut the cord, Amanda and Isaac were transported to the local Medical Center in Yuba City, about 10 miles away. Jason called Marty and me about 7:10 to give us the exciting news, but we chatted no longer than to make plans for us to arrive at the Medical Center the next afternoon. The next day, we caught up with the new family and I stayed in Plumas Lake to help where I could and savor the moments. Marty held down the fort in Santa Rosa until I returned on 02 06.

It has been quite an adventure thus far and I suspect it has only just begun.

Thanks and love to all, CJ



                                                   THE ALL-STAR GAME
                                        Date: Thursday, January 25th, 2007
                                                  First Pitch: 6:20 p.m.
                                                    Pitcher: Amanda
                                                     Catcher: Jason
                                       Most Valuable Player: Isaac William
                              MVP Statistics: 6 pounds 11 ounces, 20 inches long
                                      Field Position Players: none present
                                                Umpires: none present
                                                  Fans: none present



From Don Healy on January 31st, 2007:


It's hard to believe, but Jessie, our oldest granddaughter just turned eight.  Here's a few pictures from the festivities.








From David Healy on January 17th, 2007:


Hey all,

Here is a link for pictures of our 2006 Christmas vacation:

If you click on the upper left image you will get an enlargement. You
can then click, "Next" to step thru them in full view size.

Thanks again to all. We had a great time celebrating with a total of
about 19 relatives in three different cities.

Love, David



From Kirk Beedle on January 1st, 2007:


Alec decided he wanted to pop into the pool this morning. I had just
finished skimming it. It was maybe 65deg at the time, the pool was a crisp
40deg (I checked the temp after his brief swim). He jumped in, announced it
was cold and pretty much jumped right back out.

Welcome to the Polar Bear Club Alec!



Happy New Year



From Don Healy on December 31st, 2006:

We had a wonderful Christmas with David, Sherry, Onwyn and Thatcher arriving

a couple of days before Christmas, and Kirk, Alec and Garrett arriving the day after.

Besides a very special Christmas together, we made it to La Conner, WA; to the

Museum of the Future of Flight; took a tour of the Everett, Washington Boeing Plant;

took in the Experience Music Project and parts of the Seattle Center; and wrapped

it all up with a trip to Pike's Place Market.  On several evenings, Sherry provided

beginning art classes in sketching, water colors and Sumi-e ink painting.


Below are a few photos of great experiences together:








From Don Healy on December 12th, 2006:


As you may have heard on the news, we had a rather severe storm pass through the Pacific Northwest last week.  It hit our area on Thursday evening, December 14th, and knock out power to many hundreds of thousands in the region.  Due to the record rains during the month of November the ground was fully saturated.  The strong winds that followed were highly effective in uprooting many trees.  On Friday morning, we were awakened by our neighbor pounding on our door to tell us that one of our trees had fallen against his house.  Sure enough, a Cedar tree we had planted 16 years ago, was using his home for a prop.  It was quite amazing that this 16-year old tree was taller than the chimney on his 2+ story home, and the largest of its four trunks was about a foot in diameter.  It is ironic that on our recent trip we had traveled almost 11,000 miles and never used the generator on our RV.  However, with only an electric chain saw and no electric power to the house, the RV generator got a good three-hour work out. 


Here are a few photos of the event.




Luckily, the only damage that resulted was a slightly dented portion of rain gutter on the neighbor's house and some sore muscles on the tree removal crew, us.  It is impressive how much debris is created by one tree, but we now have a respectable pile of firewood.





From Kirk Beedle on December 14th, 2006:


Holiday greetings!

Settled in we are. All is going very well for the three of us. The kids have adjusted nicely at their new school. The only real adjustment they had academically was in math and that didn’t take long to make the change. I had heard from many, and have to agree, this is a great area to raise kids. With Mt. Lassen at our doorstep we made several trips to the park to hike before it was closed until spring. The kids are in scouting and enjoying it. I am enjoying retirement and find I am busier now than when working. I am a regular at the kids field trips. It is a good busy though and complaining I am not. Ellen and Jeff have been a tremendous help to us.

Happy, healthy and grateful are we.

The pictures are of Garrett helping Arturo and crew with the 15 yds of concrete we had poured in the side yard and the kids getting ready for a local Christmas parade they were in.

Happy Holidays to all!



                     (Due to file differences between MAC and PC I could only get one photo to open.)




From Marilyn Ramirez on November 24th, 2006:


Monique just announced her engagement to Dr. Heath Montgomery, a Dentist from Santa Barbara, California.  The wedding date is to be announced later.  Congratulations to Monique and Heath!!!





From Don Healy on November 17th, 2006:


We just received the two photos below, that were mailed by Ella Beedle as a reminder of our wonderful visit with the Hellertown Beedle Clan in the middle of October.  The third photo is a picture of proud mother Hannah (Beedle) Jones and her beautiful new baby daughter Kaie.






From David Healy on November 7th, 2006:


Sherry’s Emergency Town Hall Election Forum in San Diego was a success.

Initially the event to be a debate with the candidates for Secretary of State about voting system reform to be hosted by the League of Women Voters. The League backed out so Sherry decided that an event should still happen and proceeded to organize it.

She wanted to have a star(s) to help promote the event. Some of the people she contacted were: Warren Beatty, Denzel Washington, Robin Williams, and Steve Wozniak. She had Gore Vidal’s pledge to participate for about four hours. She had an actress from West Wing and another from Bay Watch but they cancelled a few hours before the event.

The final line-up had Ed Asner as moderator with the the following presentors:

Jim Lampley - Sportscaster, Film Producer, Huffington Post Blogger

Patti Mack Newton - Whistleblower on Voting Machine “Sleepovers,’ Notary Public

Tom Courbat - Agent Orange/Multiple Myelome Survivor Exec. Director, SAV R VOTE & Election Defense Alliance

Bev Harris, Founder of elections investigators BlackBoxVoting.org

Bruce Funk, Utah Registrar of Voters who was fired for “whistle-blowing” on Diebold voting systems.

Lowell Finley, California attorney known for winning Voting Integrity lawsuits

Paul Lehto, California attorney best known locally for the San diego Busby/Bilbray CA-50 appeal questioning how Congress can inaugrate a candidate before all the votes were counted.

Forrest Hill, Green Party Election Integrity Advocate (& Candidate for Secretary of State)

MaryBeth and Jim Branagan (www.eon3.net) shot and edited this piece about the event

My hand held camera work can be seen at:


These may take a moment to load.

Of all of the speakers I thought Bruce Funk’s presentation is the best to penetrate the distracted minds of the American public. A man that has no other motivation than doing what is right for his community and when he does so he gets canned.
If there is a another story behind this let me know because he comes across like James Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Oh, if you haven’t done so: VOTE




From Emily Hildebrand on November 1st, 2006:


Sounds like you had a fun trip.

I thought I'd give you a quick update from Germany.  I can't remember if I told you all that I am pregnant with baby number 2.  Well, I am!  I am just beginning my 4th month and the baby will be due at the end of April.  Mitch , Leo and I still are happily ensconced in Tuebingen Germany and will be for some time to come. 

Other news from my immediate family is that Christopher got married this past summer to Sara Moriarty.  It was a beautiful wedding and we are all happy to have another sister on board.    Vanessa, will be receiving her PHD this May!!! in Anthropology from Washington University.  She is working like mad; being a mom, writing her dissertation and teaching classes.  And our mom Nancy will also be graduating from divinity school this May and then will be getting ordained in June!  So, my hope is to bring my little one into the world at the end of April hop on an airplane and go attend the graduations!  Send us your good vibes so it all works smoothly.    Dad, Peter, is also doing his interesting work with global warming at NASA and in his spare time working on the peace and justice community at their church,  he has been getting information out to people to join the national church protest against torture.   So, this has certainly been a busy summer and fall for all of us. 

I hope that you all are well.

We send much love.




From Kirk Beedle on October 9th, 2006:



We are settling in nicely and enjoying getting to know folks in the community.


Kirk & the boys




From Emily Hildebrand on October 9th, 2006:


Hello family,

Well I imagine that you have already heard the news but I wanted just to write and say the I am pregnant!  I am at the end of my third month so the baby is about the size of a fig currently and beginning to look human (fingers toes etc).  We decided that we had such good luck with the first we better make a second.  Leo has decided that the baby's name is Sooka.  We told him that he can feel free to call the baby Sooka but we will probably come up with another name.  His response was to suggest a name that was a long guttural sound that requires lots of sticking out your tongue.  Hum.  But he does seem rather excited about having a baby join us.  He talks about it a lot and tells me that when he is a mama he will also have a baby in his belly.  And when I am feeling extra sick he comes and put his head on me and sings me songs, tucks a blanket around me and pulls out his doctors kit so he can give me shots and listen to the baby with his stethoscope.  So, all in all things are going along very well. 
The baby will be due in April. Which seems like a very good month to bring a baby into the world to me. 

I hope that you all are well.

Much love, Emily


Update from Ellen Frost on August 26th, 2006, expanding upon post of August 19th:


Here are some shots of me in action so to speak and the beautiful place I was at.
Me and and one of the kitchen crew.  That pan over Nicks head was one of my smaller ones!


The waterfront of the camp, unfortunately because of the heat wave the water was drawn down more then normal.


Me in a staff polo.  These shirts were uncomfortable and heavy.  The director liked them so in protest different things were done to the navy polo.  Mine was done in the "ghetto" tie die.  Basically bleach was thrown at the shirt.  It really was amazing what happened to these shirts.  Just washing them would change the color.






From Kirk Beedle on August 23rd, 2006:


Hola everyone

This summer has been quite an adventure for the three of us. I wrote earlier about our trip to BC and the NW. The outfit that provided the float trip sent a photo of us in action sorry for the repetition but it was so fun and the picture fun.

Once back and a week later Garrett was off to the same camp I attended at his age (9). This was for a week and the camps focus was on character building and solid values to build on. His session was the Russian River Adventure session. He went canoeing on the river for a day and also took a 12 mile hike to the coast over ridges and through the redwoods from Camp Meeker. Later in his session Alec joined him for a mini camp. I retrieved both at the end of the week.

With the family gathering canceled at Honeyman we decided to keep the reservations we made at Prairie Creek Redwoods for 2 nights and had a wonderful time hiking in the redwoods. We then headed inland to visit Ellen and Jeff in Redding. It was nice to see all they have done to their home. While there I looked around at homes and the community as that is where I plan to retire.

The kids turned 8 & 9 not long after returning and I had a promise to keep upon Alec turning 8. It was that the three of us would take a 3.5 hr underground tour of the California Caverns a bit east of San Andreas (minimum age 8 for the tour). Underground clothing is provided and though it was 90deg outside we donned coveralls over our clothes (knee pads underneath) old boots and funky rubber gloves. Helmets w/lamps were provided as well. It was quite the adventure and found us at the deepest point about 180 ft underground. I crawled through openings and tunnels I had no idea I could fit through. We were covered in mud when done and the showers felt so good. While I would’ve loved to have taken photos of the journey bringing cameras into confined muddy spaces is not recommended

Along with all this I made the decision to retire. I am going to be a stay-at-home parent. The house is sold and we are relocating to Redding.
My final day with the City of Santa Rosa shall be 8 Sep. I'll have 19 years on the clock. If all goes well with the sale of our house we'll be moving the week after I retire.

Take care family.........more after we move and are settled in.

Love Kirk





From Ellen Frost on August 19th, 2006:



What A Summer! My two, Jean and Kirkland were again working at their boy scout camp in the Sierras. Camp Winton is on Highway 88, the Carson Pass. The one people never seem to know, unless you mention Kirkwood Meadows, Silver Lake or maybe Jackson California. Anyhow, with three weeks left of the season they call and ask " Hey mom you think you could cook for us?" With trepidation I say yes and by the following Tuesday I arrive. I was supposed to have arrived a week later, but the current cook and all of the cook staff walked off that day. I am still amazed that I did it. The schedule was 17 meals a week and the number of campers plus staff around 250. The stove, and cookware were circa 1940 something army surplus. Once I arrived and got going, I had an awsome staff of young men to help me. They had never really been in a kitchen before, but cook for me they did and clean they did. My staff and I made the third set of kitchen staff for this season. The joke was "How many times can the kitchen staff be replaced in 06". Poor management is all I can say, the new director of the camp was not a good fit and this showed. The rest of the staff was a great group of young people. We were never late with our meals and that was the biggest surprise to the staff. Apparently that had been a problem for a lot of the season. I just kept thinking of something my mom would say and that was "Of Course you can". I arrived back in Redding late on my birthday and collasped into my own comfortable bed. It took a few days to want to cook at home. It was almost fun to be able to once again prepare for just 3 or 4. Both of my children were amazing under bad situations. I saw Jean in action as an EMT, when a dead man was found near the camp parking lot. She came home after Kirkland and I, she chose to hike Mt Mokelumne this year and had a great time. She describes her season " As Hardwork, great fun, found a dead guy and hiked a mountain". Besides cooking I also taught the music merit badge, when time allowed. My own staff of workers earned the cooking merit badge, both badges I was and am qualified to teach. WHile up there Kirk, Alec and Garrett stopped by and checked us all out. It was a great short visit and I was glad to show off a beautiful part of the Sierras. I'll send photos later.





From Peter Hildebrand on August 17th, 2006:


Dear Family,


(a little formal, but I’m writing lots of people, so please bear with me)


Nancy is at Washington Hospital Center, recovering most excellently from her knee re-replacement. As most of you know, her previous knee replacement from 14 months ago failed. Fortunately, she was very recently seen by an excellent physician, who realized the need to act quickly. The re-do of the knee was completed on Tuesday and Nancy is now doing excellently; actually, far, far better than she did with the previous surgery. Although a really painful procedure, she is much more quickly mobile, and under far less pain than before. Today, Thursday, she was beginning physical therapy. We hope she will be home soon.


We don’t know for certain what caused the failure of the previous operation, but the best guess is that there might have been some errors in the installation, possibly a slight mis-alignment of the lower leg replacement joint. This is just a guess and we really don’t know for certain. Our primary concern is, of course, her long term health and comfort. Given the care with which the present re-repair was done, we are most hopeful that we are now looking at a permanent repair …of course there will be some worry. All in all, we are extremely pleased with the re-do.


Best regards,






From Don Healy on August 14th, 2006:


When you are retired and have a granddaughter in Girl Scouts, it seems some more interesting opportunities come your way.  With Teresa being a leader in Jessica's Girl Scout group, and remembering that years ago I had practiced forestry, it was requested that I teach a class on trees and forestry at their week-long summer camp.  Well, it seems that "a class" turned into nine, fifty-minute classes over a two day period, but what a wonderful way to spend a few days.  The girls and their leaders were very attentive and we all had a great time.  It was the opposite end of the spectrum from the senior computer classes we normally teach.  What a kick.  With 15 to 30 pairs of very observant eyes we were able to add many interesting points not originally planned in the course.




Liz and I will be taking Jessie and Lauren camping on the Olympic Peninsula for the next couple of days to investigate the wildlife, sea life and beaches at Salt Creek County Park near Port Angeles. 




From Vanessa via Teresa Haldorson on August 10th, 2006:


All is well here. I am on the final stretch on the PhD. I can't wait for that day when it is done. Lee is happily working away on his research projects at the
university. Simone is growing and developing well and is so much fun.

We just attended Christopher's wedding. It was a small, immediate family
only (and Grandma and Grandpa) affair at a B&B in Virgina. Christopher's
wife Sara is very nice and a great match. They just returned from their
honeymoon--a self-guided bike tour in Nova Scotia. Emily, Mitch and Leo
returned from Germany for the wedding and then spent two weeks with all of us at my parent's house in DC. It was great fun. Leo is exactly one year
older than Simone so they were a great pair. Emily et al are now in Maine
visiting with Mitch's family. They'll return to Germany at the end of this




From Curt and Teresa Haldorson on August 2nd, 2006:


Hot & tired but we made it to Sunrise Ridge on Hurricane Ridge

on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.






From Dick Beedle on July 18th, 2006:


How generous of Medicare to pay for this!!




                                           Dorothy's new hair !!!!




From David Healy on July 16th, 2006:


Hello all:

Thatcher went to Camp Winnarainbow for the last week of June and the first week of July. The camp was started by Wavy Gravy 30 years ago. It is up in Laytonville in Mendocino County.

There were kids from Russia and Italy there

Thatcher went with his friends, Albie and Nate and they all had a great time.

The kids get to do a bunch of different activities including: juggling, stilt walking, unicycling, song writing, creating and performing plays, aerials (where they swing from a trapeze), sliding down a 350 foot water slide to name a few.

The last day there are three hours of performances, some occurring simultaneously.

This quicktime movie starts with Thatcher juggling then goes thru a few very short clips of unicycles, stilt walking and a bit of Wavy talking:

Here are some stills of the camp and a little of Mendocino where we went after we picked up Thatcher from camp: http://www.first-image.com/a_winna/CampWinnarainbow.html
Click on the first image and you will get an enlarged image then click at the top left to move to the next image.

Onwyn wants to go next year too.

If you want info about the camp: http://www.campwinnarainbow.org/

Patch Adams also taught there for the session Thatcher attended





From Helen Beedle on July 6th, 2006:


Hi Don,


This article was in the Alumni magazine.? It was a big honor, they are very snooty, and for an adjunct professor to be in there....well!? ?Dad would have been so pleased.?


I hope your computer will be able to receive the copy.? If so, would you put it on the family website?


Thanks.? Too bad about the reunion this year.? But I bet it will work out for another year.



Hit TV show spotlights Beedle recording

One of Helen Beedle?s songs was featured in the season finale of the HBO series Big Love.



Helen Beedle has recorded two CDs of 19th-century music.

HBO is showing some Big Love to Lehigh adjunct music professor Helen Beedle.

The cable network featured a song recorded by Beedle, an accomplished classical pianist, in the season finale of its critically acclaimed new series, Big Love, which debuted this spring in the highly coveted Sunday night time slot following The Sopranos. So how does a Civil War-era popular song released independently on CD in Hellertown, Pa., wind up in a hit TV show??

The Internet, of course. Last August, Beedle was contacted by an HBO representative who had come across her version of the ballad, "Lorena," while trolling for 19th-century music on iTunes. Beedle signed a contract granting HBO the rights to use the song, but she tried not to get her hopes too high.

"Sure, I was excited, but I thought, 'Now Helen, don't get all wound up about this. It probably happens all the time,'" Beedle recalls.

But HBO followed through, obtaining a licensing agreement and writing the song into the season finale. Beedle admits she had some concerns when she learned the new show was about a polygamous family in Utah, but she subscribed to HBO the week before Big Love premiered in March, and has become a big fan. In the first season finale, her song plays on the radio as Roman Grant, the evil cult leader played by Harry Dean Stanton, reflects on his life.

It's easy to see why the makers of Big Love fell in love with Beedle's spare arrangement. It's a hauntingly beautiful ballad, sung by her brother, Jonathan Beedle, who plays guitar on it to accompany Helen's piano. "It was a really, really popular song from the Civil War period," she says. "Everybody sang it, everybody knew it, both in the North and the South.?

"One of the lines is, 'It matters little now, Lorena. The past is in the eternal past.' So it's someone who has died, and he's looking back from the war on his love and the importance of home. There's a lot of feeling in it."

The daughter of Lynn S. Beedle, the late civil engineering professor who was one of the world's leading authorities on tall buildings and more livable cities, Helen Beedle grew up around Lehigh. She earned her master's degree in piano at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, and has studied with celebrated pianists Walter Hautzig, Russell Sherman, and Theodore Lettvin. Her brother Jonathan is a singer-songwriter in his own right, and is about to release his first CD.

An interest in the Civil War era spurred Beedle to begin researching the music and concert programs of that period. After discovering that they often mixed classical pieces with popular offerings of the times, she started scouring sheet music collections at the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library, as well as in Baltimore and New Orleans.

"It's hard to define, but I looked for music I liked," Beedle says. "They have a certain kind of feel about them."

Beedle has recorded two CDs of 19th-century music: 19th Century Salon & Concert Music and When the Galop Was the Rage, which contains her version of "Lorena." Last fall, she played Zoellner Arts Center's Baker Hall, with theatre department professor Jeffrey Milet providing elaborate staging and lighting. And she performs several times a year in concert halls and at festivals, including the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, S.C., dressed in period costumes.

"I love the clothes. There's an elegance about them," she says. "The kind of mood I wanted to create when I performed was to, as best I could, make the audience feel like they were in a different time period."


Lehigh Alumni Bulletin Online
June 2006?






From Kirk Beedle on July 5th, 2006:


Greetings all,

Recently Garrett, Alec and I spent some time in Canada. It was a beautiful and wonderful experience for us. Our cabin sat next to the Cheakamus River and the locals gave us directions to some remote lakes to fish. We enjoyed a float trip on the river that saw us get a little damp as we went through some class 3 whitewater. On our return trip we stopped in at Curt and Teresa’s for a visit.


Enjoy the pictures.  Kirk








From Jonathan Beedle on July 5th, 2006:


Hi All,

Hope you had a great Holiday!

Oh, by the way, my Cd is finished and available!




(Great music Jonathan; very, very poignant!!! When you click on the link, you can listen to the

songs individually, or sequentially)



From Don Healy on July 1st, 2006:


Two items of note:  First, as only nine family members were able to commit to the reunion at Honeyman State Park, it was decided that it was best to cancel the event for this year.  Many thanks to Joyce for making the event a possibility, even if it didn't come to fruitition.  A great deal of effort was expended by Joyce and we appreciate her efforts!!!!


Second; I wanted to share a situation that demonstrates the wonders of the internet.  When Liz and I returned from China, the email below was waiting for us:



Dear sir,

Upgrading the familytree of Tack from the village of Etten in the Netherlands i am working to the conclusion that the Aart Pietersen Tack who migrated to America (Kingston,N.Y.) was baptised as Arnoldus Petrus Tack 26-07-1626 in the Roman Katholic church in Etten (Noord Brabant). It appears to me he is the only person that represents Aart Pietersen.


For your information; the Latin names used at the baptism of a child can be translated os followed: Arnoldus = Aart and Petrus = Pieter. In Holland is was common to refer a child to it's father Pieter(sen) means Pieter's son.


When i have enough information i will update my homepage.
You can see Arnoldus already http://home.hetnet.nl/~martin.en.ellen/Etten.html

See chapter 3 descendents of Petrus Petrus Tack.

One thing is not correct on your page!
The map ! The place you refer to is Etten in Gelderland.

The village of Etten (North Brabant) is now known as Etten-Leur.
Two villages Etten and Leur were melted together in history (somewhere in the 60-ties)
Maybe Expedia will help you?


greetings from Holland
Martin Tak


Amazing isn't it?  Thanks to Martin, the correct map is now on the page for Marinus Adriensen Van Etten!!!!!


From Dick Beedle on June 30th, 2006:

Dorothy's new hair.  Tryin' one more time to get this to you ... course the pic is now almost a month old so now its much thicker and curlier





From David Healy on June 25th, 2006:


Election reform is all we do these days. We are going to have our  system in a election system trade show is San Francisco in a couple of weeks. Diebold, ES&S, Hart Intercivic, Sequoia and a host of others will be at the same show so it will be interesting.

Here is a link for Sherry's plan for fair elections if I didn't already forward it: http://www.califelectprotect.net/GSAP_16d.pdf

Best Regards, David



From Don Healy on June 19th, 2006:


Liz and I returned a week ago Sunday from a 15-day trip of China.  We visited Beijing, Xi'an, Chongqing, many cities along a 1000-mile plus voyage down the Yangtze River, through the Three Gorges Dam, and on to Nanjing, ending the tour in Shanghai.  After reading "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman, it was very interesting to visit China and see what was happening first hand.  China is certainly a land of the most amazing contrasts.  Shortly after riding the Maglev train in Shanghai (the fastest train in the world which reached 268 mph) you can watch a farmer plow his rice paddy behind a water buffalo.  In the cities and along the Yangtze you can see large gated developments in the western style, and impressive high-rise condos.  Next door to these you can view some of the most squalid apartments and tenement type structures.  The rate of growth is simply astounding; the GDP has been growing at an average of 9.5% per year for the last 23 years.  In the Shanghai area, the growth rate has been even higher. 


The joke in China is that the national bird of China is the construction crane.  We saw thousands upon thousands of them during our visit.  The Chinese don't built just one high-rise at a time; they build 100.  Everywhere we went new construction was evident; high-rises, bridges, highways, the Three Gorges Dam (a monster by itself), office buildings, and civic improvements.  To house the 1.2 million people displaced by the Three Gorges Dam, the Chinese built 15 new cities.  The scale of change is almost impossible to fathom.  It is very understandable now, that the demand by the Chinese for concrete, steel and petroleum products has and will continue to impact the market price for these commodities.


On the national and provincial scale, China is a very centrally-planned economy.  However, at the grass-roots level, capitalism is encouraged and thriving.  Employment is no longer provided by the state.  You must seek your own employment.  Parents are expected to pay for a portion of their children's education.  Home ownership is encouraged with low-interest loans from the government.  (Apparently a little too successfully, as the government is now wrestling with the issue of controlling real estate speculation.)


The only negative to the trip was the pervasive pollution.  China burns low-grade, high-sulfur coal for home heating and in it's coal-fired power plants and factories.  As a result, almost all of the portions of China that we visited were reminiscent of Los Angeles 30 or more years ago.  However, in China the pollution is not limited to the cities, it is everywhere.  With the dam now producing power with about half of the intended number of generators installed, 12 more dams planned on tributaries of the upper Yangtze River, and a rapidly increasing dependence on nuclear power planned in the future, it appears hopeful that China can begin to reduce the pollution problem.


The people are very friendly (almost without exception, the peace sign was the universal greeting for Americans), very hard working and extremely motivated educationally.  It was a wonderful trip and would will look forward to returning in ten years or so to see how dramatically they have changed.


Here are a few photos.  Please enjoy!!!










From Lynn Beedle, Jr. on May 31st, 2006:


These are late but they may be interesting. Lynn S. Beedle III when he
played for the Trenton Titans last season.
Hope all is well out west!

Lynn Jr





From Don Healy on May 19th, 2006:


Last Saturday evening, granddaughter Jessica Haldorson performer in her first recital at the Everett High School Auditorium.  Jessica has been taking ballet lesson for about six months.  She and two other girls performed admirably in front of an audience of several hundred fellow parents, grandparents, siblings and friends.  In is quite amazing to witness the poise and confidence that Jessica and her two partners displayed. (Of course we were not at all biased!!!).  Here's a photo taken after the recital.







From Holly Beedle on May 15th, 2006:


My sister Samantha graduated and this is her announcement.
Hope all is well.

Best Regards,



                                                            Please click to expand image.


Congratulations Samantha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




From Penny Douglas on May 12th, 2006:


Sorry, I didn't attach the pictures, here they are.  Hugs to all, Penny






From Ian Douglas and John Allen Hires on May 11th, 2006:


All, here is our precious family with the new addition.  Sarah & John Allen
are going to be busy parents but seem to have it all under control at this
time.  It was such a joy to share Miriam's birth with Grammy, Miriam's
great-grandmother.  After Miriam's birth, there were four women of faith in
the room, an awesome emotional moment.

Thank you all for your love and prayers.
Hugs,Penny & Ian

Here are a few of the preceding emails:

>From: "John Allen Hires"
>Subject: fw: Baby Miriam Patricia Sue has Arrived!!!
>Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 15:50:11 -0700
> Hello dear family and friends,
>I am forwarding a quick email and pictures that JA sent to his co-workers
>because I wanted to share with you our beautiful baby girl.  We Adore
>her!!!  Samuel is a little JA and loves to "hold the baby" and give her
>many kisses on the lips:)  Nehemiah is very helpful at rocking her with
>gusto in the infant carseat and bouncy seat.  He likes to take her hats off
>and pet her head.  Miriam is eating great and sleeping well.  She gained 14
>oz in one week!!  I am loving time with her cuddling and just taking her
>in.  It is a great treat and blessing to have a girl, but more than that we
>just love the little person that she is.  Next week will be my first week
>with all three kids to myself, so please pray for great patience,
>creativity and endurance.  It will be awesome.  I am feeling very well, but
>a little tired.
> All our love,
> Sarah and the family

>ps. I am emailing because Grandmama is down stairs with Miriam and
>Nehemiah.  I heard her just discourage Nehemiah from using his "tools" on
>our painted walls.  I wonder what he is doing?
> From: "Hires, John" Thursday, May 11, 2006 2:32 PM

>Subject: Baby Miriam Patricia Sue has Arrived!!!
> Hello All,
> Our baby - Miriam Patricia Sue Hires- was born 4/27/06 at 5:30
>p.m.    Thank >you for your prayers.  Being the father of a girl is different and everyone
>who is one will know what I mean.  I have included a couple of pictures if
>you would like to see them.  She is unbelievable!
> John Allen Hires



From Teresa Haldorson on April 26th, 2006:


Curt and Teresa decided to surprise Lauren and Jessica by taking them to Disneyland for five days ending last Monday.  Shortly after arriving there, who should they run into but Kirk, Garrett and Alec who were also enjoying the wonders of Disneyland on their spring break.  Here are some of Teresa's photos:








From Don Healy on April 3rd, 2006:


In celebration of Liz's birthday, Curt and Teresa hosted a dinner at their home last evening.  The weekend prior, Liz and I attended the Sandhill Crane Festival in Othello, Washington.  Here's a few shots from both events. (Yes, we did see Sandhill Cranes, but the Burrowing Owl and the Great-horned Owl were more photogenic.)






From Don Healy on March 30th, 2006:


Carol Jane, Ian, Laurie and Ellen recently finished the editing of a biography of Virginia Douglas, gathered from Page Douglas, Carol Healy and Jane Hildebrand during a visit in January of 2006.  The biography is linked to Virginia Douglas's Memorial page and can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


                                           A BIOGRAPHY OF VIRGINIA DOUGLAS


Please send in any special remembrances of Gin that you have and I will include them in a section following the biography.




From David Healy on March 18th, 2006:


Last Sunday Thatcher took a hike up to the top of Mt. Tam to see if there
was any snow left.

There were a few little bits of snow: enough to have a snow ball fight.






From Johanna Klein on March 11th, 2006:


hi all,

for interested eyes, i put some updates / pix from the last few months in
manila and at adb on my website at www.johannaklein.com.

i hope everyone is well and that the new year has been full of good
things thus far.





From Emily Hildebrand on Marth 8th, 2006:


Hello hello,

Just a quick note to send out some recent photos of our ever fabulous Leo from our trip

to Norway. I hope that you are all well.

xo, Emily





From David Healy on March 4th, 2006:


Check this site out for some old shots of Mt. Tam and some other Bay
Area locales.





From Helen Beedle on March 3rd, 2006:


Hi you all,

Does anyone watch HBO?  There's a new series which is starting Sunday,
March 12 called BIG LOVE -- produced by Tom Hanks.   Well, guess whose
music is going to be used in the last episode???!!  I just got the final
word that they will be using the track "Lorena" from my first CD "When
the Galop was the Rage" as a background vocal for the final episode of
the series.  Maybe you have heard that the series is about a polygamist
who lives in Utah.  Needless to say, nothing to do with the Civil War.  ha

I'm so exited!  it's Jonathan's vocal, so that is pretty cool. 

I wanted to let you know.  Of course, I don't have HBO at the moment.
 But I will next week!  it runs right after the Sopranos.





From Kirk Beedle on February 20th, 2006:


Out on the West Coast the big sports news has been the Tour of California hosted by Amgen. Unlike other cycling races that have been held in the US this is different not only due to Amgen’s 35m backing but the level of cyclists is at the top. Many teams that were in the Tour de France have entered. A fellow from Santa Rosa, Levi Leipheimer placed 6th overall in the ’05 Tour de France. The prologue was in SF. On the second day stage  1 went from Sausalito up Hwy 1 into Sonoma County ending in downtown Santa Rosa. Mid-day I popped the boys in the car (a nice day, top down of course) and drove the course reverse towards Occidental. We found a nice locale to camp and wait. It seemed like half the town of Sebastopol and other towns wandered out to watch as well. The CHP did an amazing job of a rolling road block. I was able to get one shot of as the peloton approached. They were moving at roughly 30mph! (when I used to ride I averaged 20mph and thought that was good). The kids and I were right on the fog line in the road when they flew, and I mean flew, by. They (130 riders strong) were riding the fog line we were standing on. It was an incredible experience to see and be a part of even if only briefly. My kids along with the rest of us watching were awestruck by the smoothness, quietness and power.






From Kirk Beedle on February 20th, 2006:


Hi everyone,


The boys have just completed their basketball season. They both had a great time and want to do it again next year. We get a small break then Garrett starts Little League on the 28th of this month. The photos are of each at their last games. We are also looking forward to another gathering at Honeyman this summer. Along with that the boys are going to spend a week with their Auntie Jeanie in Kingston (across the sound from Seattle) and a week at the same camp I went to at their age. So much fun to be had.








From Dick Beedle on February 18th, 2006:


Hi Guys! Good Picture!

Thanks for your inquiries and book offers ....... so far i haven't had any
inkling of an interest in reading; her energy level isn't that great at this
point, we'll let you know when she's ready!

Dorothy is improving every day ...snacking more, (no regular meals yet, but
lots of snacks of high protein drinks and foods, doing some moderate
exercises, walking around inside and outside when its warm and un-windy. We
get her out for short rides in the golf cart most every day. Her attitude is
good and she works at getting better and stronger.

As you know, Joyce was here most of last week and Marilyn has been here
since Tuesday ...... leaves tomorrow AM.  Really is a great spirit boost
having her kids here with her. Rick comes next Tuesday to complete the
circuit. It's good for me to have 'em here ............... that way she
doesn't hafta put up with my care-giving fumbles all of the time. We've been
getting a lot of help and info from the Home Health nurses, physical
therapists and dietitians. They are dedicated and very good at what and how
they do their jobs. ........ One more time......... "Thank you medicare!!"

Just talked with your Mom ............. didn't get around to asking if she
gonna come down. Any chance? We'd love to have her here! You too!

I'd best go and stir up some more Carnation instant breakfast .what a
nutrient lifesavers it is!

thanks for your caring support





From Joyce Beedle on February 13th, 2006:


Was with Mom last week in California...  No hair, no strength, no
appetite, all not good...
What is great is her humor and her desire to get moving.  I think
she'll  pull it off...  She has a really long way to go....  She is fragile.
Keep sending encouragement and strength and love.




From Jane Hildebrand via Carol Healy on February 8th, 2006:


Dorothy Beedle is now back home after an extended stay in the hospital following surgery for a ruptured appendix while undergoing chemotherapy subsequent to an operation to remove a cancerous tumor on her lung.  Jane said Dorothy was weak but in good spirits.  Joyce will be arriving in Desert Hot Springs shortly to assist in Dorothy's convalescence, and then Marilyn will fly in to take over from Joyce to help "nurse the nurse" back to her usual robust self. 




From David Healy on February 7th, 2006:


A poem by Thatcher.  It appears that the line of poets that began with Samuel L. Simpson is continuing on through the current generation.


The Trees, the Clouds & the Trouds

Things grow up
things grow down
things that like to move around.
Trees grow up,
clouds flow down
nothing just around on the ground.
Trees were once a seed that longed for moisture and the sun.
Clouds were just some moisture floating to the sun, but as they grow in size
and strength one moves up to follow its dream to get the sun
and to seep in the stream.
While one moves down from the clouds and soon into the stream to feed the tree.
They all were connected but one moves up, one moves down,
when will they learn to just sit down.


                            Thatcher Healy




From Dick Beedle on February 1st, 2006:


It's been a tough 10 days for Dorothy; 2 surgeries, very depleted blood
levels but excellent care and great attitude on Dorothy's part. Finally got
some nourishment yesterday and doing much better last night. Hopefully will
be coming home in a few days ... I think that she'll get a transfusion
today. Lots of support from friends here. What a gang of good caring people!

Will keep you advised.




From Don Healy on December 28th, 2006:


Well, it seems that we actually accomplished a milestone.  With Monique on a work assignment in Turkey, Emily and Mitch in Germany, Johanna in the Philippines, and the rest of us in our usual abodes, we can now make the claim, albeit briefly, that the sun never sets on the Beedle-Douglas-Healy- Hildebrand Family.  Here's a picture of Monique and a co-worker in Ankara, Turkey.  It seems it is winter there as well.






From Dick Beedle via Jane Hildebrand via Carol Healy on January 24th, 2006:


Dorothy Beedle is currently in the hospital, but is recovering quite nicely.  It seems that during her chemotherapy treatment for lung cancer, she developed appendicitis and later a ruptured appendix.


So let's review this once again..  Dorothy, has an appointment with her neurologist to have a CT scan of her brain and upper neck for a temporary amnesia problem.  The scan covers a slightly larger area than intended, and in the very upper part of the lung area, a tumor is discovered.  A biopsy is conducted , and the tumor turns out to be cancerous.  The tumor is successfully removed, but during the subsequent, requisite chemotherapy, Dorothy develops appendicitis, with the appendix later rupturing.  So Dorothy is now recovering from the lung operation, the chemotherapy, and the appendicitis operation.


Dorothy, I believe we have watched you take too many detours along the way to recovery.  It is now time to return to good health -- "do not pass go, and do not collect $200" -- good directly to "good Health".




From Don Healy on January 15th, 2006:


Liz and I just returned from dinner with Jane, Mom, Page, and Marilyn on the final evening of a wonderful visit with both Jane Hildebrand and Page Douglas.  Jane flew out from Chicago last Wednesday and Page drove up from Portland on Friday and we had a wonderful time visiting, talking, tasting and touring.  With Jane on Thursday last we toured the Museum of Glass in Tacoma and the Washington History Museum where we saw a great exhibit of Native American Art from the Peabody Museum.  After Page arrived on Friday, Alissa, Teresa, Lauren and Jessica joined the rest of us for dinner at our place.  On Saturday, we toured the new Future of Flight Museum and toured Boeing's Everett plant, followed by a trip to Snohomish, Washington to tour the antique shops and see the Trumpeter Swans.  We then retreated to Curt and Teresa's for a wonderful dinner of "pulled pork" created by "chef" Curt.  On Sunday we interrupted or efforts to solve the world's problems with a short, but brisk walk, and ended the day with a wonderful dinner on the waterfront in Edmonds.  What a neat family we have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Here are a few photos:



       Family with 747 vertical stabilizer as backdrop.    Page, Jessica and Liz at Future of Flight Museum.        Lauren at home.




From Don Healy on January 6th, 2006:


Digging a little deeper into Lynn's box of family history, we find the following:


A history of the Bailey Family, by Henry Bailey


Includes recollection by Henry Bailey of John Dick Van Eaton, Harriette Ellen Bailey, John V. Van Eaton and Elizabeth (Belle) Simpson.



                                                             John Dick Van Eaton



From David Healy on January 2nd, 2006:


The cars on the bridge behind Thatcher were moving at a couple of miles an hour because southbound 101 was flooded at Marin City. The traffic remained that way for about 3 hours. The bike path is submerged behind him. Don't ask me why Thatcher is wearing shorts. I have no explanation.




Onwyn and Thatcher at the intersection at Manzanita.
The northbound entrance and exit for highway 101 were closed due to flooding.



A rather damp car to my left.



We have had a little water percolate up thru the below-grade basement floor, but not much.

Other places had it much worse: San Anselmo, Novato. Reno to name a few.

Stay Dry oh and Happy New Year!!!!!



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