1602 TO  ?


From the Notes of Jim Tillotson:

Jim Tillotson's Notes on Roosa, Pels, De Jongh, Du Truy and Groot:


From information on Rebecca De Trieux:

m. 1628/1629 [LDSC] in Schnectady, Schnectady Co, NY [LDSC] 3598-Symon

               [LDSC, ScFS, FOMC, SPHx]/Simon [ScFS, SPHx]/Semen [AlHx] Symorse

               [LDSC]/Simonse [ScFS, SPHx]/Symense [AlHx]/Symonse [AlHx,

               SPHx]GROAT [LDSC]/GROOT [ScFS, AlHx, SPHx] afterwards of

               Schenectady [SPHx]

  b. 1602 in Netherlands [LDSC]

  d. in Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY [LDSC]


NOTE 3598-Symon Symorse Groat

     [AlHx] I:207 Symen Symonse/Symense Groot appeared before Albany Court 9

          August 1654 to allow his brother-in-law, Isaac De Forrest of Manathans to

          sell, transfer or assign a sum of 684 guilders earned in the service of the

          West Indies Company 

     [AlHx] III: 91 Key to the names of persons in Early Dutch Records of

               Albany and Vicinity: Symon Symonse Groot 1654-1662

          III: 129 Genealogies of first settlers in Albany:

               Symon Symonse Groot, a servent in the West Indies Company, was at

               Beverwyck 1654; became one of first settlers of Schenectady

          III: 200 patented in 1659 a lot on Columbia Street/Broadway,

               west side, Columbis to Steuben in Village of Beverwyck (Patents 381,

               405; Albany Co Records 268, 413)

          III: 274 conditions of sale of house and lot in Beverwyck:

               firstly, the house with all that is fast by earth and nailed shall be

               delivered to the buyer, except for the horse stable; the house is

               twenty feet square with a lot four rods in breadth, and seven and a

               half rods long

          III: 327 on 30 June 1663 along with Isaac Forrest appointed as

               guardian of Elsie Wendel age 16, Johannes Wendel age 14, Diewer

               Wendel age 10, Jeronimus Wendel age 8, Philip Wendel age 5 and 

               Evert Wendel age 3, both being uncles on maternal side of children of 

               Susanne De Truwe/Truax, deceased, and Evert Jansen Wendel (to

               be married to Maria Abrahambe, widow of the late Thomas Janssen

               Mingael, dau. of Abraham Pieterse Vosburgh)

     [FOMC] p 182 defaulted in Court of Fort Orange 5 April 1659

                p 197 defendent in Court of Fort Orange 8 July 1659


NOTE 3598-Symon Symorse Groat (continued)

     [ACHx] p 294-295

          The sagacity of the Dutch settlers is shown in their selection of lands, and

          the tenacity with which they held possession of them.  They rarely

          occupied the hills.  Their native Holland was a flat country, abundant in 

          water, lying by the sea, and traversed by rivers and canals.  The early colonists

          planted their homes, usually upon level tracts, upon the rich aluvium of the

          Hudson River, or other streams that ran into it.  These they were apt to

          leave to their heirs.

          List of patents of lands located in or near Albany County by the Dutch

          Government from 1630-1634:includes many names including Kiliaen Rensselaer

          1631-1649 (large tracts, most of others are lots only) Jan Michelesen 1650,

          many in 1652-1653 including Thomas Chambers 1653, fewer in 1654-1664.  Of

          note are:

               Cornelis Teunissen a lot in Beverwyck 23 April 1652

               Symon Symonz Groot, a lot, Beverwyck, May 11, 1663

     [SPHx] p 25 signed the Indian Deed and First Patent For the Township (of

          Schenectady) in Albany on 10 October 1702

          p 80 The situation of this (Fonda's) Island is best described in the patent

          to Simon Simonse Groot, of date Aug. 9, 1694, "to confirm to him a small

          island in the Mohawk river within the town of Schenectady posessed by him

          for twenty-seven years, to wit, a certain small island in the Mohawk river

          lying to the north of the Hoek, or point of Reyer Jacobsen's [Schermerhorn],

          and to the southward of the island belonging to Joris Aertsen [now Guise's]

          and to the westward of the island lately belonging to Sweer Teunise

          deceased,-containing five morgans or ten acres.

          p 120 came to New Netherland ca. 1645, as boatswain of the ship Prince

          Maurits, and purchased a house of Jacob Roy in New Amsterdam; about 10

          years later became a resident of Beverwyck where he purchased a house lot

          and remained until 1663, when he hired a bouwery of 25 or 30 morgans at

          Schenectady of Gerrit Bancker and Harmen Vedder (The lease ran for 6years at

          a rent of 500 guilders and included with the land, a dwelling house, barn,

          ricks, six draft horses including a mare, six milch cows, two sows, etc.

          p 120 sons Symon, Abraham, Philip, Dirk and Claas captured by the French and

          Indians, and taken to Canada; the following year they were redeemed.

          p 120 home lot in the village, was on the northerly side of Union Street 100

          feet westerly from Church Street; fifty feet front and extending through to

          Front Street more than 400 feet; it remained in the family several

          generations (Deeds III: 324)

p 120 In 1654 he had a claim against the Dutch West Indies Co for services

          rendered of 684 guilders (see Deeds II: 43, Albany Co Records 207).  1659,

          owned a lot in Beverwyck next south of Uldrick Kleyn's (Albany Co Records

          268).  1659, offerred same for sale-size 4 rods x 7 1/2 rods, house 20 sq.

          ft (Albany Co Records 274).  1660 had a lot south of Pieter Vrooman's on the

          Third kil, Albany (Albany Co Records 283).  1662 proposing to remove to

          Esopus he empowered Jan Withart to sell his house and lot in Beverwyck (Not.

          Papers I: 79, 271).  1667, 2 may he had a patent for a lot without the town

          which passed into the possession of Jan Withart (Albany Co Records 145)

NOTE 3598-Symon Symorse Groat (continued)

     [ScFS] p 80-81 Symon Symonse Groot, the first settler (of Patent and City

          of Schenectady) came early to New Netherlands in the service of the West

          Indies Company, as a boatswain of the ship Prince Maurice.  In 1645 he

          bought a house and lot of Jacob Roy, in New Amsterdam.  Soon after he came

          to Beverwyck, where he purchased or built a house, which in 1654 he offerred

          for sale.  He had lately withdrawn from the service of the West Indies

          Company, against whom he then held a claim for services of 834 guilders.  In

          1662 being about to remove to the Esopus, he empowered Johannes Withart

          to sell his house and lot; but it is evident that he changed his purpose, for

          in 1663he hired a bouwery of 25 or 30 morgans, of Gerit Bancker and Harmen

          Vedderen, at Schenectady, and still retained posession of his house in

          Albany as late as 1667.  His home and lot in Schenectadt was on the north

          side of Union Street, 100 Amsterdam feet westerly from Church Street,

          running through to Front Street, and remained in the family more than a

          hundred years.  He m. Rebecca, daughter of Philip Du Trieux (Traux), court

          messenger of New Amsterdam, and had the following children: Symon;

          Abraham; Philip; Dirk; Cornelis; Claas; Susanna, who m. Isaac Cornelise Swits;

          Marie, who m. Daniel Janse Van Antwerpen; Rebecca, who m. Claas Cornelise

          Vander Volgen; Sara, who m. Arent Vedder.  On the 8th of Feb., 1690 his five

          sons, Symon, Abraham, Philip, Dirk, and Claas were taken captive by the

          French and Indians, and taken to Canada; the following year they were