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From David Healy on October 12, 2003:


Attached is a picture of the kids with their new Cockatiels. Yea, we're adding more to the confusion. Thatcher's is named "Sir Cuddles The Great" and Onwyn's is "Sassoon" Sassoon is our fashion bird.  He/she doesn't like your hairdo whatever it is and will redo it for you, free of charge.

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EvanWileyThatcherMaxChelsea SM.JPG (120209 bytes)  JoshThatEvanMaxWileyEchoOnwyn Js Ridge SM.JPG (65986 bytes)  Thatcher Wiley in surf SM.JPG (62571 bytes)  Wiley Thatcher Onwyn SM.JPG (126267 bytes)  Torie photographing kids SM.JPG (161847 bytes)

                        Pictures from Family Reunion at Nags Head, N.C., June, 2003.



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  Onwyn and Thatcher during their trip to France in 2001.




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                                  Earlier photos of Onwyn & Thatcher.