A BIOGRAPHY OF VIRGINIA DOUGLAS


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  On Monday, September 8, graveside and memorial services were held as scheduled to celebrate the life of Virginia and commemorate her very humorous, generous, nurturing and joyful spirit.  A beautiful graveside service was performed by Virginia's son-in-law the Reverend Jeff Frost and an excellent memorial service was performed by the Reverend Bob Sanders, Pastor of Lake Grove Presbyterian Church with over 40 relatives and many friends in attendance.

Kim, a very close friend of Virginia and Page, arranged a delightfully creative set of floral arrays featuring flowers donated by numerous friends. On the altar, she placed a photo of Virginia accompanied by her pruning clippers, gloves and gardening hat.

At Page's request, a highly accomplished bagpiper, Patrick Case gave a superbly moving performance of "Flowers in the Forest", a traditional Scottish dirge, during the memorial service.

Between these two services Joyce and Wes Wolfe hosted a midday lunch feast at their home a few blocks down the hill from the cemetery.

The days events were a satisfying and refreshing commemoration of a life beautifully lived.  We will miss Virginia's presence but we will always cherish her kind, exuberant spirit.

Memorial Remembrances for Virginia Douglas may be made to the following charitable organizations:

Lake Grove Presbyterian Church
Music Ministry
4040 Sunset Drive
Lake Oswego, OR  97035


Lake Grove Garden Club

c/o Kathy McElderry

17721 Kelok Road

Lake Oswego, OR 97034


         The program for the Virginia Douglas Memorial Service:

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From Page Douglas, Carol Stoye and Laurie Parker on November 12th, 2005:


Don,  More pictures taken today at the Japanese Rock Garden FYI




From Laurie Parker on November 11th, 2005:


Carol and I are up in Lake Oswego visiting Dad for the weekend.  We stopped at Williamette National Cemetery on our way home from the airport and visited Mom's gravesite.  The weather held during our visit so I took a couple of shots while there.  The first one shows the garden-like area and the second is of the bridge nearby and picture of the marker.  Have a great weekend.








    A few photos of the day taken by Kirk Beedle, Teresa Haldorson and Don Healy.

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                   The Virginia Douglas Obituary from the Lake Oswego Review,

                    September 11, 2003:

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              Jean Frost's list of those who were at the luncheon held at Joyce

              and Wes Wolfe's home between the service at the Willamette

              National Cemetery and the Memorial Service at the Lake Grove

              Presbyterian Church, on September 8th, 2003.


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