1765 To July 10, 1812

From the notes of Jim Tillotson:

58-William LOWRY [OTLo]

     Son of 116-Samuel LOWRY

     b. ca. 1765 (based on age and date of death)

     m. 31 December 1789 [RCMR, FBLM] in Rowan Co, NC [RCMR, FBLM] 59

         -Elizabeth [OTLo, RCMR, RCTL] GILLESPIE ([RCMR] Richard GILLESPIE was

         Bondsman- ? brother)-   see GILLESPIE

          dau. of 119-Jean GILLESPIE

     d. 10 July 1812 [RCCR], age 47 [RCCR], bur. at Third Creek Presbyterian

          Church, West of Cleveland NC [RCCR] (not confirmed that this is 58

          -William, but seems likely), will dated 14 March 1811 [RCW2], probated

          1812 [RCW2, RCW1, WiRC] ([RCW2] Will names wife Elizabeth and nine ch.

          not named)

      ch.  m  Richard, m. [OTLo] or unmarried [OTLo], will dated 1853 [OTLo]

          f  Margaret, m. HALL [OTLo]

          f  Isabala, m. MARLEN [OTLo] ([RCW1, RCW2] Isabel named in will of

               119-Jean Gillespie as granddaughter; none of her siblings were

               mentioned-does this make Isabala/Isabel the oldest?, or was there an

               older Isabel who died?)

          f *Lydia

          f  Elizabeth, m. PATTERSON [OTLo]

          f  Nancy, m. DAVIDSON [OTLo]

          m  James, d. 6 February 1829 [RCCR], age 34 years, 4 mo, 7d [RCCR]

          m  Samuel, d. 10 May 1811 [RCCR], age 15 yr, 9 mo, 26d [RCCR]

          f  Jane, d. 23 June 1804 [RCCR], age 5 yr, 2 mo, 3 d [RCCR]

          [OTLo] Order of births unknown, order of 5 females listed as per

          58/59-Richard's will

          [RCW1, RCW2] 9 children-see QUER below


 From "Old Times" by Lynn Beedle, June 1981:

"Another deed (5th May 1789) records the earlier sale of the land (395 acres) that Samuel Lowry received as a grant from the State of North Carolina on the 25th October 1786 (See Samuel Lowry Page) by Samuel Lowry to his son William for 10 pounds and "in consideration of the love and good will that we share".